Friday, August 27, 2010

DAY 59: Yo.....Where's The Parade???

DAY 59:  Ashton, Idaho - August 27, 2010
Drunks of Ashton, ID
Today was a Slooooow day.....our bobo's are still recuperating from the LOOOOONG ride we pretty much stayed close to home.  We were, however, excited (ok, only Liz was excited!) about attending the Ashton Fall Festival (Pop. 1,000) this evening.  Posters were up all over town indicating Parade and Festival at 6:00 pm tonight.

We arrived 15 minutes early to get a "good seat" and found us and a couple of drunks were the only ones in attendance.  Hummmm.....About 6:15, I decided to ask one of the drunks, who had been very hospitable to us, what time the parade was suppose to start.  I was then told it started at 10:00 am that morning.  Ugh........So we decided to take a picture of the drunks hanging around the trike instead.
School Bus Burning Up Their Brakes Ahead of Us

Anyway, thought I'd share some additional pictures from our trip yesterday to the Grand Tetons......Looking at these just makes my bobo hurt all over again........


(Be sure and CLICK on each of the pictures to enlarge)

Semi-Truck Pumping His Brakes Behind Us

A Grain Mill at Sunset

The Grand Tetons

I know....I know....My Feet Again...
Wheat Fields of Ashton, ID


Ellen said...

I like the wheat field the best. Are you enjoying your new shoes?

Bonnie and Dick said...

Liz---enjoyed the beautiful pics. I do believe those new shoes!!!!!