Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ewwwww....Who Let A "Toot Out The Shoot"????

Somewhere between East Texas and Dallas......November 3, 2010

Have you ever been in the car with someone (or a dog) when notice they let a "toot out the shoot" in your air space??

Today Chuck, Murphy and I made the weekly two hour drive to Dallas for doctor appointments when out of the blue, here came an "air monkey", a "burp that came out the wrong end", a "backblast", yes, it was a "butt bark" (I just love my thesaurus!).....IT WAS BAD!

At first, I naturally blamed Chuck cause, well............I have my reasons........but once I notice him sticking his head out the window and Murphy chose to hide his face under the steering wheel, I knew it was the little munchkin that had layed the "booty bomb".......

Hey, and on a sweeter smelling note, what do you think of this sweet ride??  I'm trying to talk Troy, my step-son into an early Christmas present for himself with this beauty (the bike, not Liz........)


Chuck Biggs said...

Gee, you look like a real tough kid on that bike.

Matt said...

Try feeding an animal some soy meat products to experience a truly scary smell.

That front end looks like a Hayabusa? Talk him into something with some character - A Triumph or a Ducati, MV Agusta, maybe a BMW? No need to burden him with the same Japanese bike all the 14-year-old's want.

israel said...

.....and as we say, we have to take the good and the bad!!!


Ant Ellie said...

The look on Chuck's face with that false accusation is just too much. When I was about 12 years old, my best friend's mom would smell a fart and no one would admit it.....she came around and lifted the neck of whatever you were wearing and smelled to see which one did it! it was just too much...but she persisted until she found out! I guess that was
so she could shame us....but by that time we were all laughing and dancing around, which made it more difficult for her detection methods to work.
I love you both.
ant ellei