Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DAY 9: Meet the Neighbor's Day!!

DAY 9: Manitou Springs - Meet the Neighbors Day
TEMP:  80 Degrees

Remember yesterday when I said I just love how we meet people along the way when we travel....I think my exact words were, "It's interesting traveling like we do..........we meet the nicest, kindest people along the way, each with their own story....who now are permanently incorporated into our lives.  I just love that......."  Just wanted to remind you of that before I told you about our day today.....

Actually, I'll let a text conversation between my sister, Debbie, and I tell most of the story:

DEBBIE:  "How was your day?"

LIZ:  "We are sitting outside talking with our father/son neighbors...(Son; 31 yrs old).....STRANGE, STRANGE, STRANGE......the Judy wrote: "It looks like u 2 are having FUN! Keep it up!!! father is telling stories of how he shoots people......we saw them last year too."

DEBBIE:  Who's Judy?  And is the son "packing"?

LIZ:  I just reread my last message and it didn't make any sense...there was no one named Judy...I don't know what I was talking about "having FUN"...where did all that come from???? (For clarification, I must have accidently hit the "Paste" key or something....I have no idea where the part about Judy came from)

DEBBIE:  What???

LIZ:  "The son isn't the killer....the father is. I'm going to try and take a pict for you."

DEBBIE:  "Have fun don't get shot"

LIZ:  "This is the father.....He married a mail order bride from Columbia.  They're divorced...I'm taking these pics incognito...." (I've fuzzied out their faces to...to....well, I don't know why...)

LIZ:  "This is the son...He's married 2 mail order brides from Russia and one from Peru...."

DEBBIE:  "OK, he's scary! Be careful!"

LIZ:  "Now we have a Body Psychology Healer just arrived from a few spaces over coming to heal Chuck's Multiple Sclerosis!"

DEBBIE:  "Good luck with that"

LIZ: "She knows Patty Duke!"

DEBBIE:  "Okkkkkkkk"

LIZ:  "Just took the Body Healer for a ride on the trike for healing Charlie"

DEBBIE:  "You're too funny......"

I must tell you guys, this REALLY happened.......we always meet the most interesting people here in Colorado......Last year, Murphy was shaved, without my blessing, by an Australian Psychologist RV neighbor who shaved sheep in her spare time back in her home country.

Anyway, that was our afternoon.  Here's what we did this morning.....

We replaced the pot Chuck tripped over at the RV office and broke......And yes, he rode home part of the way like this.......and I talk about our neighbors being strange..........


Denise Kohler said...

You are so freaking hilarious. Loved this story !!! I want to meet your Chuck sometime, what a character ! And so patient with some of the crazy things you have him do !!!

Israel said...

and how's the pot head doing? Are you guys moving today?


Anonymous said...

Time to move along.........

Ant ellie said...

This reminds me of the old saying "everyone is a little strange except you and me and even thou art a little strange at times." Makes for good stories. Probably the other people tell stories about us too....thankfully we never hear them! ha. Temp is 80 degrees........at 12:00 a.m. (that is just after midnight...are you in Florida? that was our temp last night at midnight! Ya'll take care and have fun....your blogs are super.
ant ellie

Dad said...

It Takes ONE to know ONE.....Strange

Margie Champlin said...

I don't want you to leave!!!!!!!
Gotta idea, next year you & Chuck come & stay the summer!
I promise to put you far away from the known demented!