Sunday, August 21, 2011

DAY 48: "How I Know What's Happening Behind Me...."

DAY 48:  Dubois, Wyoming
TEMP:  High 84 / Low 45

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize
they were the BIG things."
Robert Brault

Sometimes when we're cruising down the road and things get real quiet behind me, I know Charlie is either asleep or.......he's asleep.

And sometimes when this happens, I place the camera on the top of my head upside down and take a random picture of what's going on back there.......

Sometimes this is what I find........Where'd he go??

And then this........

Then this..........


Cherie said...

Absolutely beautiful pics Liz! I am so jealous of y'all....roaming the world and seeing and doing all the things you do! Safe travels!"

Israel said...

Interesting!! Are you guys heading back to the Springs?


Ellie said...

I can see that there is not a dull day around when Chuck is with you!! what a cut up!! It's hard to
sneak up on people like that....he sort of outsmarts you! But of course,all in fun. Ya'll have lots and lots of fun.
I love your blog. Those temperature highs and lows make me think of tall mountains and low valleys...maybe that
is where they came from. take good care of of yourselves!
ant ellie

Kathy said...

You 2 are too cute for words. What a joy to live vicariously through your blogs. SOME of us are held captive back here in “hell” pretty much these days…back here in Texas where it is 800 degrees every day! Love you. K