Friday, December 19, 2008

SISTERS - They Are Blessed With An Extra Sense That Whispers When The Other Needs Them.......

I have one sister......her name is Debbie.  She is 5 years older than me and there was a time we couldn’t stand to be around each other.  Fortunately, that time was a long, long time ago.  From the time she first got married many years ago (I believe she was 18), we have been best friends.  I really don’t know what changed; but something did.  We quit being fussy, tattle-tailed sisters who found the other a pest and one day became Best Friends.   She usually knows, even before I do, when I’m down or things aren’t quite right.  She can call and just by the way I say, “hello” know where I’m at that day emotionally.  It’s kinda like having a lie-detector hooked up to you at all times when talking with her.  It’s quite amazing.  But what’s odd is, it works both ways!  We can be instant messaging  each other on the internet and for some reason, I can tell when somethings wrong or she is sad.   We don’t seem to have this same transparency with anyone else; just each other.  We have seen each other through marriages, divorces, children, adoption, foster parenting, infertility, illnesses and estrangement.  We have loved, shared, defended and stood by each other for most of my 48 years (all but my first 13 years!).  She has encouraged and supported me even when she didn’t agree with my decisions (can you say Jim Lepak???); she has offered to birth a child for me when I couldn’t, even though she grew to be the size of a house when she was pregnant with her own; she has tolerated me always saying “I’m Mom’s Favorite” even though I’m not.  She has given the “evil eye” to those who have been mean to me; because, afterall,  that’s what sisters do for each other.

Although Deb is my sister by blood; she is my Best Friend by choice.  She is the one I run to first with good news; and she is the one I call when I need an honest answer.  I don’t need to call her when I’m down or sad because, you see, she already knows.  That whisper in her ear by a special force tells her I’m down or sad and that I need my sister.  I have no doubt who is whispering in her ear..........

Today my sister is feeling down.  I want her to know how much she is loved not just by me, her sister and Best Friend, but by everyone in her life that she has helped, nurtured, listened to, and taken care of.  She has lived more life, good and bad, than most people who are 100.  She “deserves” to be happy, nurtured, listened to and taken care of just as she has done for others.  

I Love You Sissie!

“A sister is one of the most precious people in the story of your life. And you'll always be together, whether you’re near or apart.

A sister is a confidante and a counselor. She's a dear and wonderful friend, and -- in certain ways -- something like a twin. She's a hand within your hand; she's so often the only one who really understands. A sister is honesty and trust enfolded with love. She's sometimes the only person who sees the horizon from your point of view, and she helps you to see things more clearly. She is a helper and a guide, and she is a feeling, deep inside, that makes you wonder what you would ever do without her.

What is a sister? She's someone more special than words; someone beautiful and unique. And in so many ways, there is no one who is loved so dearly.”

      -Poem by Douglas Pagels

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