Monday, January 26, 2009

My Jewel - Meals on Wheels, Chapter 2

Jewel......the lovely lady in the picture above is one of the neatest, sweetest, most incredible ladies I have ever had the privilege to meet.  She is 102 years old, lives on her own, still works her garden, and always has that sweet smile you see above on her face.  I have never once heard her complain about anything and she has been gracious enough to share her special family with me.   Did I mention she has a wit about her too?

It is not uncommon for me to find her and her daughter, Jo (they call her “Sarge” cause they say she rules with a firm hand, but in reality, she is a softie!), in the living room starting on yet another quilt for a lucky family member.  Or find her and her son, WB, playing dominos on the kitchen table.  Her health is good, her attitude even better, and she raised a family that takes care of their Mom.   There are no words to describe the love they all feel for their Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother and Great-Great-Grandmother.    She was married many, many, many years and still gets a gleem in her eye when she speaks of the Love of Her Life.  I know she must miss him terribly, but I’ve never seen her sad because, I believe, she knows she will once again be with him.  

I hope for my sake that its a long time from now.

Thanks Jewel, for being such a jewel in my life....

you are so very loved!

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