Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Meals on Wheels Journey, Chapter 1

Meals on Wheels.  I’m sure everyone’s heard of it; probably been curious about it and probably thought of it as something they would do once they turn 65, retire and have nothing better to do.  Right?  Well, I’m not 65, not retired and have a full day, every day.  And this is the most important thing I do each month.  It’s been, hands down, one of the most satisfying, spiritual, rewarding things I’ve ever done.  I’ll let you in on a very well kept secret about Meals on’s not about the food.  Yes, the food is necessary & important to these kind folks, but more important than the food, is the visit.  And I’m not talking about for them.......for ME!  

I deliver meals to the west quadrant of Winnsboro, Texas, just a 20 minute drive down the country roads of East Texas from my home.  I meet up with some wonderful volunteers who have their own routes and busy schedules, yet find time to give back to their community.

They, like me, enjoy the benefits that come from getting to know 

these wonderful, mostly homebound, adorable people.   Each one 

is so unique and special in their own way that I want to share them

with you.  Don’t get too excited; you can’t have them; they’re mine; 

but I believe you could be as blessed as I am by getting a glimpse 

into their lives.

The two guys in the picture to the right are my favorite volunteers.  Always smiling, joking, laughing; they have true joy in their hearts.  They are always quick with a hug and a helping hand out to my car with the food.   I don’t know much about them personally; but I don’t really need to.  I know enough.

The happy lady to the right is Tina.  She is the heart that keeps the 

Meals on Wheels beating in Winnsboro.  She makes sure the food 

is ready, volunteers in place and that everyone gets a meal.  If a 

volunteer doesn’t show up or is unable to, she delivers that route 

herself.  She has brought new life to the Winnsboro Senior Center.  

Something you need to know about Tina; she carries around an 

“aura” about her that draws people to her.  She loves the Lord with 

all her heart and it shows.  She has lived more life at her young age 

than most people have who live to be 90, and came out better 

because of it.  She is a special person and has made my life better by 

knowing her.

This Blog is not meant to be a commercial for Meals on Wheels.   But it is meant to encourage you all to volunteer at give a little of yourself in your busy little worlds to someone who would give their right arm for a busy little world.   

I promise; you will be better for it.

“Lord, you made us as a gift for Yourself.  Until we settle that truth in our hearts, our souls will be restless and aimless.  It’s not all about’s all about You.”

         Lee (on Twitter)

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