Thursday, March 12, 2009

1979.......It Was A Very Good Year

Yep, that’s me on the left.....I know, I know......where’d the brown hair come from?  Truth is, where’d the BLOND hair come from??  It was either go blond or’s in my genes (thanks Mom!)  so I chose blond.  Anyway, none of that is the point of this Blog......   

What is the point is I stumbled upon these old VGA (Valley Grande Academy) pictures from 1978-1979 this past weekend and what a stroll down memory lane I’ve been having.  I’ve enjoyed sharing these with my Facebook VGA Alums and hearing their hysterical laughter as they see themselves 30 years ago and remembering what fun we all had there.  The lovely lady in the picture with me is Mara.  I love this girl!  I’ve been looking for her for years and I finally found her last month.  She was such a special friend to me in high school and I had so much I needed to say to her and finally was able to.   It means the world to me that I found her.

You either loved or hated your time at VGA.  I happened to love my time there.  The Christian boarding school was 3 miles from the border of Mexico in the Rio Grande Valley which opened up all kinds of doors for me to spread my wings and try everything I wasn’t suppose to.  Here are just a few examples:  My favorite is when I met this guy on a Southwest Airlines plane on my way back to school who was heading to Harlingen to go Skydiving (didn’t hurt that he was ADORABLE).  I talked him into taking me, so I snuck off campus and went skydiving with him the next day.  Or the time a friend and I decided it would be fun to sneak off campus and take a bus to Mexico City.   Ya, I got caught, but it was still fun.  I could never forget the time another friend and I thought it would be fun to sneak our boyfriends into the dorm and they, unfortunately, brought 30 other guys with them.  These are just a few of the many wonderful memories.  Have you noticed the common denominator between all of these stories??  I believe the word is  “Sneaked”.....Fun, fun, fun.....

I thank the good Lord that Mom and Dad made the sacrifice to send us kids to church school (they’re probably wishing they hadn’t about now....) which ultimately made us into the people we are today.   Thanks Mom & Dad!

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