Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm Too Full To Write......

Post-Thanksgiving - November 30, 2010

Bella playing in the leaves....

Folks, this is what living in E. Texas looks like
Happy Post-Thanksgiving!  Hope you've eaten your way through the leftovers in your fridge and are fasting until Christmas hits in 3 weeks.....

Nothing like waking up to 35 degrees outside and no electricity this morning.......which wouldn't be bad except it means "no coffee"......ugh......why, you would think our whole block had been without coffee for a week the way they "bowed down and kissed my feet" when I arrived with Burger King coffee for everyone.....

As I began this Blog, our power had been restored for a couple hours, however, it just now went down........ AGAIN.......geeeezzzzz.........and now its UP........wait....its DOWN again.................and now we're UP........

I've been "itching" to Blog for a few days now but unfortunately, just been too FULL to type.  So, while I'm waiting on the turkey, dressing, pie, cookies and everything else I placed in my mouth over the past few days to settle to my hips, thought I'd share some pictures of this past Thanksgiving that should tell the whole story.......enjoy!  

Our two favorite girls...
Troy cleaning our gutters...thank you; thank you; thank you!!
Brie-Brie's FFF (Favorite Funny Face)
Brie-Brie & Lele's FFF

Brie-Brie hitching a ride with Grandpa Charlie

Calloway (my) Thanksgiving
My beautiful sister and I
Our neighbor, Lisa, hosting Thanksgiving Dinner
Lisa's Mom, Hilda, enjoying the food and company
Tiff, Ray and Kris enjoying the "Thankful For" comments....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hostess with the Mostess

Fall in East Texas - November 21, 2010

Awwwww........there's just nothing like Fall in East Texas.....

I know a lot of you are probably wondering why I always refer to where we live as "East Texas" instead of just naming the town where we live......it's because......because......well, I don't really know why.......hummm.......

Anyway,  it is SO beautiful around here......the leaves are at their peak color......a soft wind blows and they all smack you in the head as they fly by; the armadillo's have quit digging in our yard and our first dave...uhhh, I mean "rick" of firewood has arrived!  Awwww....winters on her way....

Today we had our first holiday get-together......an afternoon "Tea" at our friend Jackie's house across the lake from us.  I say "we"......men were specifically excluded from this shindig......ladies only, thank you very much.

There is just "something" about Jackie's house that always makes me feel "peaceful"..........
Becky and Jackie, the Hostess with the Mostess....

She is definitely the "Hostess" with the "Mostess".......

Monday, November 15, 2010

Child of Mine - Chapter 4



Fast Forward 18 years.   It is now Wednesday, April 30, 2008.  

Our precious, spunky, petite Jax no longer has the cute freckles on her nose and has healed nicely......and has met the man of her dreams.  Matt.  They dated a zillion years, read each others minds, finished each others sentences and played hard together.  They were a perfect couple!

This was their wedding day.  A day, 18 years earlier, we worried she might not live to see.

Now, a lot can be said about that day that I am going to leave unsaid.........but I WILL say I was a sniveling, choked-up, weeping, happy "Goober of An Aunt" ALL day.......

I watched as our little girl, whose hand I had held and fingers I had counted a million times over the years, was given to Matt....I couldn't have picked a better man to entrust with our little girl.....

And now, two years later, she is turning 30.  THIRTY!  I keep asking myself how this can be??   Wasn't it just yesterday that, while in my yellow and pink PJ's with the kittens on them,  I was hanging up the phone after finding out I was going to be an aunt and wondering what my unborn niece would be like in 30 years.......
And could it really have been 20 years ago that I sat in the hospital pleading with God to let her live so she could grow up, get married and see the ripe old age of 30??

She's better than I could have ever dreamed.......

I Love You To the Moon and Back My Precious 

Happy Birthday
from your very, very proud
Aunt Liz

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Child of Mine - Chapter 3



I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach.

I wanted to throw-up.....

It all seemed so unreal.....things like this just didn't happen to our family.

Jacque came out of the surgery......still alive.  Barely.  The next few hours and days were the most critical........The details of the accident on the playground at her school started coming in....the swing set fell and had hit the back of her head......crushed her skull.....she stopped breathing in the Care Flight to the hospital......she was in a coma......she was alive......she was a miracle.

As the days turned into weeks which turned into months, she grew stronger and stronger.....relearning basic skills like how to swallow....how to walk......how to deal with double vision.  It would be months before she would have her stomach feeding tube removed and be able to eat solid food again.  But over the next few months, we started seeing our spunky, determined little Jax slowly returning to us......

And this experience changed my life too.  It opened my eyes to how dear life is; how quickly it can be snatched away and how I needed to make changes in my own life; it helped me have the courage to close a chapter in my life that needed to be closed.  I found myself ending my marriage.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Child of Mine - Chapter 2



Thank goodness our precious little munchkin outgrew that cone head of hers.......

I was blessed beyond belief when I was able to "nanny" little Jacque most of the first year of her life.  It wasn't until many years later I would learn the difficult news that I could not have children of my own, so what a precious gift God gave me to allow me this experience and opportunity.

Aside from having a set of lungs on her that could shatter glass when she screamed, she was a pretty bright little princess.  She was walking at 7 months; hamming it up for the camera at 8 months and her first word was said at 9 months.  Unfortunately, that first word wasn't Mommy, Daddy or even Aunt Liz.......it was S?*!T..........Errrrrrrrrrrr

Fast Forward 10 years.
Jacque a week before the accident....

Another unforgettable moment......this time, it was a Tuesday morning, February 27, 1990.  I was now blond and at work when I got a call from Debbie......she was upset.....something about Jacque, who was now in the 4th grade, getting injured at school.......headed to the hospital.  I figured she had fallen off the slide and broken her arm or maybe needed stitches......but when I heard she was being Care Flighted to the hospital, my heart stopped.   I remember saying a quick prayer.......leaving work then picking Mom up before making the hour long drive to Ft. Worth.  I remember speeding down the highway staying in contact with Debbie; hearing the strain in her voice.....trying to put the pieces together of what happened......speeding faster and faster the closer I got to Ft. Worth.

It was as if I was transformed from the car to suddenly being in a hospital private waiting room with Debbie, David and Mom with the doctors telling us our freckle-faced, petite 10 year old Jacque needed emergency brain surgery, as her injuries were serious and life threatening.

I don't remember much after hearing those words........

It was again, a moment in time Liz will never, ever forget.........

Child of Mine - Chapter 1



Did you notice the middle name above??  Yep, the chick above was named after "yours truly" 30 years ago this week....(although she claims it was only 28 years ago......)

Have you ever had an experience or event happen in your life where, no matter how many hundreds of years pass, you still remember it like it was yesterday?  You still remember what you were wearing, what color your hair was at that time, what time of day it was and maybe even be able to remember exactly how you felt??  Well, that is how it was when I learned I was going to be an Aunt for the first time......
Deb with one of many maternity tops

You've got to understand that I had been working on my sister Debbie and her husband at that time, David,  for YEARS to make me an Aunt; to no avail......I mean REALLY working on them.....I bought Debbie maternity tops each Christmas.....still nothing......tried reverse psychology on David.....nothing.  Then finally, when I had exhausted all avenues, threw my hands up, rolled my eyes in disgust and gave up.  And that, folks, is when I received the phone call that I will remember even when I'm old and senile.......informing me of my future Aunt-hood.

It was 6:30 am on a Saturday; I was wearing my favorite yellow and pink PJ's with kittens on them and my hair was brunette at the time.......Eight months later, again at 6:30 am on a Saturday, I was holding my sister's hand when she gave birth to our precious Jacquelyn Elizabeth Carver.......and even with that massive pointy cone-head of hers, she was the most beautiful child I'd ever layed eyes on.  Ahhhhhhh........I couldn't stop staring at her......I couldn't stop counting her fingers and toes.....I couldn't stop kissing her.........I couldn't have loved her more if she were my own.

Who knew my love could grow any stronger than it was that day.............but it did.

I'll tell you how.......tomorrow.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Peace Be With You

East Texas - November 11, 2010

Ahhhhh.....I just love Fall in East Texas........There's no where I'd rather be than to witness the spectacular, jaw-dropping sunsets we have here.....or the "crisp" dewy mornings with the fog rising off the lake......Any problems I may be experiencing come to a halt.........they seriously put themselves on "hold".

There's just nothing like it.....

I'm at Peace

I haven't always been at peace, though.  I have had "hurts" in my life over the past couple of years that literally stopped me in my tracks.......changed me forever......things I still struggle to move past.   But during my search for answers and a conclusion to these "hurts", I have also discovered a wonderful thing.....


I found Philippians 4:6.  "Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything.  Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done.  Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand.  His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus."

Don't you just love that??  I found that scripture exactly 621 days ago...........the day I layed those "hurts" that were stabbing my heart, at His feet.......

Tonight, while at a get-together with some girlfriends, I was reminded of that text........and how very thankful I am that, although I still struggle with conclusion to these past "hurts", I have been blessed with Peace.  It's as close as my lips whispering in God's ear........

Peace Be With You

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

East Texas Styles - Chapter 2.......We're Still "Stylin' Out Here...."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

(How did I get SO lucky getting you for a brother-in-law???)

In East Texas, we are all about comfort and safety.

I truly feel an apology is in order before I begin this Blog.  This apology is extended to the white-as-Liz-legs, shorts and boots dude at the Texas BBQ Corral for covertly taking his picture.  I just couldn't help myself.  I ran to the car as fast as I could to get my camera to take this picture.  Seriously, how could I NOT have taken this picture?????

I'm truly at a loss for words on what to say about this.......and for those of you who know me best, you know that is a first.

This must be the male version of the "Ankle-Boot-In-Case-You-Step-On-A-Copperhead" look is about all I can say......

I love living in East Texas........

P.S.  To my friends in East Texas, please forgive me if those legs belong to any of your husbands......

Friday, November 5, 2010

Did You Guess Yesterday's Picture???

Friday, November 5, 2010


Well, I've got to tell you all.......I thoroughly enjoyed "most" of your comments from yesterday's quiz....however, wasn't too fond of the dozen or so that "suggested" this was my hairy knee..........
hardee harr harr.....

I was very impressed that most of you got it right....well...mostly right.  YES....this is Chuck's head.....and to those of you who guessed that he was growing hair, YOU WIN!!!

Yesterday morning as I passed the bedroom door, I see Chuck checking out the top of his head in the mirror....he hollars for me to get in there quickly as he needed to show me something.  He's pointing to the top of his head saying, "Look, look.....can you see it??"  As I look closely, real closely, I see tiny little hairs sticking up from the top of his head.  WOW.....sure enough....the boy had hair that wasn't there a week ago.

He says he thinks it must be due to the spray the dermatologist gave him to help clear up the funky looking stuff on the top of his head.........hummmm........we may be on to something here.......only time will tell.  But if you notice we've bought an island, moved into a mega mansion driving a new Hummer, then it would be a good guess that we were right.

Anyway, at this rate, the boy is going to have a full head of hair by months end.  So I thought it would be a good idea to start checking out new hair styles for Chuck.........What do you think.....

This is the Rod Blagojevich hairstyle
(Remember him??  He's the defunct mayor of Chicago)

This is the "Donald Trump" hairstyle

This is the "Burt Reynolds" Hairstyle

This is the "Ben Affleck" Hairstyle....

But this is my VERY FAVORITE look......

A bald man is a trustworthy man......I love my bald man!!

Here's some of my favorite Guesses from the Quiz:

* "Hair on someone's chinny, chin, chin..."

* "Chuck's head, nicely backlit. (I know; I see the same scene in my mirror...)"

* "Charlie's scalp less the mess"

* "It's your knee....got razor?? (This comment x 12!)"

* "Chuck's head...Please let me be correct."

* "Looks like it is probably Chuck's head backlighted by sunlight, to show that bald is quite often not really bald."

* "A close-up of the sun showing that plants are growing in spite of the immense heat and light!"

* "Reminds me of the hills that we saw in Alaska where the forest fires had wreaked havoc and burned the entire mountain but instead of it being charred, the ground was actually white with ash and a few stubborn trees/shrubs refused to burn up and held on to life. They proudly and most pathetically stood there saying, "Do not go gently into that good night, but rage against the dying of the light."


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quizzzz Time......

Thursday, November 4, 2010


What do you think this picture is about??
(I can't wait to hear what your answers are...)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ewwwww....Who Let A "Toot Out The Shoot"????

Somewhere between East Texas and Dallas......November 3, 2010

Have you ever been in the car with someone (or a dog) when suddenly......you notice they let a "toot out the shoot" in your air space??

Today Chuck, Murphy and I made the weekly two hour drive to Dallas for doctor appointments when out of the blue, here came an "air monkey", a "burp that came out the wrong end", a "backblast", yes, it was a "butt bark" (I just love my thesaurus!).....IT WAS BAD!

At first, I naturally blamed Chuck cause, well............I have my reasons........but once I notice him sticking his head out the window and Murphy chose to hide his face under the steering wheel, I knew it was the little munchkin that had layed the "booty bomb".......

Hey, and on a sweeter smelling note, what do you think of this sweet ride??  I'm trying to talk Troy, my step-son into an early Christmas present for himself with this beauty (the bike, not Liz........)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Murphy's Voted......Have YOU?

Election Day - November 2, 2010

WOW!  ElectionDay has arrived.........

I don't know about you, but 5 years ago, I couldn't have told you what a Senator's job was much less how many we had here in Texas..... As someone who slept through Government Class........TWICE....(yep, that's right, I admit it....I had to repeat it), I am intrigued with this election today.  Sometimes, and I know this isn't true in each case, it feels like we are fighting by our votes to either keep God in our country or send Him away.  It's an interesting time to be living in America......I go from feeling "sad" that so many have turned their backs on Him to feeling "ecstatic" that so many have woken up and realized how close we came to losing Him.  It's a very interesting time.....

But I knew you'd want to know that Murphy voted for the first time today.  He only voted cause we threatened to leave him on the "Murphy Hook" at the state park this past weekend if he didn't.....

And what a SUPER time we had this weekend at Lake Texoma!  Any chance I get to spend with my sister (and you too, Brady!) is a good time.  We watched old family video's, counted shooting stars, broke into old abandoned buildings and ate a ton of food for $5 that was equivalent to a loaf of bread each at Pizza Hut with a "not-so-nice" cat waitress...mEOOOOOwwww....

Burped all the way home...........