Saturday, November 13, 2010

Child of Mine - Chapter 1



Did you notice the middle name above??  Yep, the chick above was named after "yours truly" 30 years ago this week....(although she claims it was only 28 years ago......)

Have you ever had an experience or event happen in your life where, no matter how many hundreds of years pass, you still remember it like it was yesterday?  You still remember what you were wearing, what color your hair was at that time, what time of day it was and maybe even be able to remember exactly how you felt??  Well, that is how it was when I learned I was going to be an Aunt for the first time......
Deb with one of many maternity tops

You've got to understand that I had been working on my sister Debbie and her husband at that time, David,  for YEARS to make me an Aunt; to no avail......I mean REALLY working on them.....I bought Debbie maternity tops each Christmas.....still nothing......tried reverse psychology on David.....nothing.  Then finally, when I had exhausted all avenues, threw my hands up, rolled my eyes in disgust and gave up.  And that, folks, is when I received the phone call that I will remember even when I'm old and senile.......informing me of my future Aunt-hood.

It was 6:30 am on a Saturday; I was wearing my favorite yellow and pink PJ's with kittens on them and my hair was brunette at the time.......Eight months later, again at 6:30 am on a Saturday, I was holding my sister's hand when she gave birth to our precious Jacquelyn Elizabeth Carver.......and even with that massive pointy cone-head of hers, she was the most beautiful child I'd ever layed eyes on.  Ahhhhhhh........I couldn't stop staring at her......I couldn't stop counting her fingers and toes.....I couldn't stop kissing her.........I couldn't have loved her more if she were my own.

Who knew my love could grow any stronger than it was that day.............but it did.

I'll tell you how.......tomorrow.


Jacquetta said...

Oh Liz - she is adorable.

Ant Ellie said...

Those are such cute pictures of Jacque....what a smile....she favors Dorothy, really.
Give her a hug for me. I love her and Matt both so much.
ant ellie