Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Two Main Men.....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Main Man has been particularly HOT lately.......

And this is what my HOT MAN looks like with 103.4 fever...

My other main man, Murphy, made a much-needed trip to the Groomer today......look closely.....you'll see a little white thing-a-majeg stuck in his whiskers.......

It's a marshmellow.........Too far to reach with his tongue........Too gloppy for his mom to successfully evacuate.

And tonight, I have a fever-free husband and a marshmellow-free dog again.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tears Are God's Gift To Us......

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tears are God’s gift to us.  
Our holy water.  
They heal us as they flow.  
~Rita Schiano

Today is a sad day for someone we love.......

I want them to know I hold them close in every second of my thoughts, 
every whisper of my prayers 
and every tear I shed for them.

But we are promised a new day tomorrow.......

A new beginning.......

Another chance.......

But we will never forget the loss we feel today......
the pain we feel in the deepest part of our soul.......
They will always be with us.....

The angels are always near to those who are grieving, 
to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Togo Came For A Visit Today.........

Monday, January 17, 2010

Today we babysat our neighbor's dog, Togo.  I think I'm just going to let the pictures tell my story today......

And here's where the babysitter was.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

She's A Firefighter; No...A Businesswoman; No...A Friend!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I had lunch with my friend today......we ate tacos (I've been eating a lot of tacos lately...)

First, you need to know my friend Sherrie is the very FIRST woman firefighter in Dallas....EVER!   Some 30+ years ago, she knocked down some pretty thick walls when she worked hard to become Dallas' very first woman firefighter.  She put up with, tolerated and stomached some of the most obnoxious, intolerable and disagreeable men around.  One thing about Sherrie; she can hold her own.  I doubt it took these guys long to learn that although she was a woman, she could do just about anything they could do....and better.

See, Sherrie isn't just a tough Dallas firefighter......she has a fire of motivation inside her.

She and her husband Sam, with their two sons Grant and Jonathan, were our neighbors when we lived in Dallas.  I loved getting to know Sherrie.......we decorated together......we rode in the fire chief's car together.....she was a free-thinker....an entrepreneur....her mind was ALWAYS working overtime on what her next project would be....I could carry on a conversation with Sherrie without ever saying a word.  I love this girl!!

The thing that endeared me the most about Sherrie was not her firefighting skills....or her go-getter attitude.....it was the day she and Sam stopped their lives to help Chuck and I when we needed them most.  See, Chuck and I had sold our home in Dallas, Liz was suffering from a severe migraine from a major sinus infection and had just been released from the hospital and we HAD to move a 3000 square foot house in a day.  She and Sam rallied up a couple other neighbors and packed up our entire house.......yep.......they packed our entire house!!  That's my friend Sherrie.

How very blessed I am to be able to call her my friend.....Be sure and check out her Blog on her Dallas Fire Fighting experiences at http://www.firehousecommunications.com/

(Oh ya, she can do bizarre things with her middle toe, too.........WAY COOL!)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Be Safe, Lance........

Friday, January 7, 2011

Today........the only heir to our "Calloway" name started a new chapter in his life.  At 7:30 am, he boarded a plane to Quantico, VA and joined the Marines.

I am mixed with "enormous pride" and "intense concern" all at the same time.  I look at Lance, now 24, and I see the chubby little, soft hearted 11 year old who was the "bouncer" and "valet" (in name only, of course) at Chuck's and my wedding.....and then my eyes focus on the man standing in front of me and I can't help but ask myself, "When did this happen"??

He has worked hard; very hard, for this day.  He has taught me much about the strength it takes to get something you want; not just physical strength, although it doesn't hurt that he can lift 350+ pounds, but internal strength.  This is where Lance excels.  He has a "drive" and a "determination" that will open many doors and take him anywhere he chooses to go in the future.

I am SO glad I was able to have a last "Aunt-Nephew Lunch" the day before he left.  We met and ate taco's together.....We talked about his past and we talked about his future....

And he reminded me that he was going to "Quantico" in Virginia and not "Quantanomo" in Cuba every time I confused the two.......Quantico.....Quantanomo......easy mistake......

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm on TV!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Whoooo Hoooooo.......

I've arrived.......my first Video Montage to make it on television....It showed this past Sunday on the Dallas Cowboys TV show called the Keith Brooking Show......check it out..


It's the Week 16 show at about the 11:00 minute mark.......Whoooo Hooooo...  Thanks Ray Salinas for giving me the opportunity to be televised!!!

And to all of you who are saying out loud right now, "But I thought Liz didn't like the Cowboys".......I can hear you.......and Yes, I still am not a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Pretty ironic that my first televised Video Montage is for a Dallas Cowboys show.....

RememberWhen Video Montages


Monday, January 3, 2011

We Spent New Years With Obama......Well, Sordof

Monday, January 3, 2011

Chuck and I decided to celebrate the last day of Christmas vacation by going to see the 3-D movie, Narnia, this afternoon.......along with all 2,546,904 kids in East Texas!

About 3/4 of the way through the movie, I hear the familiar sound of Chuck snoring......which then occurred to me I needed to get a picture of him sleeping with his 3-D glasses on.....but what didn't occur to me was how the flash on my camera phone might look to Chuck and everyone behind him with their 3-D glasses on.  Immediately after the camera "flashed", Chuck jumped up yelling "WHOAAAA".... along with numerous others behind him.....all thinking this "flash" came from some amazing special effect of the movie!  My sides are aching so hard from laughing that I about got the hiccups.....


My Ant Ellie, who is a nurse practioner, which is smarter than a doctor......said that in order to balance out my estrogen, I simply needed to combine my estrogen pill with CHOCOLATE!  (Some of you may recall the Christmas Day Meltdown I had due to an estrogen inbalance.....or at least that's the excuse I'm using)  I have been sucking down Chuck's Christmas M and M's ALL day.......Other than feeling a bit bloated, I think its working!!

So what did YOU do on New Years this year??

Did you dip every kind of food product you could find into a chocolate fountain and then eat it???
We did!!!

Did you play Pictionary with two dentists, a retired A/C guy, a highly intelligent high school kid, a college student, two ex-Braniff employees and a socialist president?
We did!!!   Seeeeeee.....

Did you fight the desire and need to hit the sack around 10:00 pm??
I did!!!!


Remember our neighbor's dog, Togo, that we were trying to name a few months ago??  Our friend, Nancy, is the one who came up with the winning name and she and Togo met for the first time since he was named.  Now, if only I could get Chuck to quit calling him "To - Go" like he's some type of chinese takeout or something....