Saturday, January 8, 2011

Be Safe, Lance........

Friday, January 7, 2011

Today........the only heir to our "Calloway" name started a new chapter in his life.  At 7:30 am, he boarded a plane to Quantico, VA and joined the Marines.

I am mixed with "enormous pride" and "intense concern" all at the same time.  I look at Lance, now 24, and I see the chubby little, soft hearted 11 year old who was the "bouncer" and "valet" (in name only, of course) at Chuck's and my wedding.....and then my eyes focus on the man standing in front of me and I can't help but ask myself, "When did this happen"??

He has worked hard; very hard, for this day.  He has taught me much about the strength it takes to get something you want; not just physical strength, although it doesn't hurt that he can lift 350+ pounds, but internal strength.  This is where Lance excels.  He has a "drive" and a "determination" that will open many doors and take him anywhere he chooses to go in the future.

I am SO glad I was able to have a last "Aunt-Nephew Lunch" the day before he left.  We met and ate taco's together.....We talked about his past and we talked about his future....

And he reminded me that he was going to "Quantico" in Virginia and not "Quantanomo" in Cuba every time I confused the two.......Quantico.....Quantanomo......easy mistake......


Janet Nelson said...

thanks for letting us know bout Lance's new endeavor I image his folks are apprehensive as well. God will take care of him, just gotta trust .

Frosty said...

WOW!!He grew up to fast.A big thanks to Lance for joining the service.


jacquetta said...

great email.. You must have been a beautiful bride!

Debbie said...

Very sweet ...... again ... Tears in my eyes

Bonnie and Dick said...

What a great-looking young man----I know you love him dearly, and he loves Aunt Liz too!!

Regina said...

My dear friend, it is hard - and it never gets easier. We love, we hope, we pray - and we send care packages!! I'm sorry for your worries - I ache for your concerns - I've been there and will be again.... God bless them all

ant Ellie said...

350 Those are the very best pictures. by the way
at the bottom of the Marine emblem are the words "semper ....."
what is that second word? I was asking Jim, where Quantico was
and did not realize that it was outside washington D.C. and that they
trained the Marines and FBI people both
You are right, he set his goals and he got there...he could give a lesson
to a whole lot of young people and even some old people! stay warm
and safe during these cold and icey storms. I love you both lots and lots.
ant ellie

Althea said...

Our prayers and thoughts go with dear Lance!

Althea Espinoza