Wednesday, January 12, 2011

She's A Firefighter; No...A Businesswoman; No...A Friend!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I had lunch with my friend today......we ate tacos (I've been eating a lot of tacos lately...)

First, you need to know my friend Sherrie is the very FIRST woman firefighter in Dallas....EVER!   Some 30+ years ago, she knocked down some pretty thick walls when she worked hard to become Dallas' very first woman firefighter.  She put up with, tolerated and stomached some of the most obnoxious, intolerable and disagreeable men around.  One thing about Sherrie; she can hold her own.  I doubt it took these guys long to learn that although she was a woman, she could do just about anything they could do....and better.

See, Sherrie isn't just a tough Dallas firefighter......she has a fire of motivation inside her.

She and her husband Sam, with their two sons Grant and Jonathan, were our neighbors when we lived in Dallas.  I loved getting to know Sherrie.......we decorated together......we rode in the fire chief's car together.....she was a entrepreneur....her mind was ALWAYS working overtime on what her next project would be....I could carry on a conversation with Sherrie without ever saying a word.  I love this girl!!

The thing that endeared me the most about Sherrie was not her firefighting skills....or her go-getter was the day she and Sam stopped their lives to help Chuck and I when we needed them most.  See, Chuck and I had sold our home in Dallas, Liz was suffering from a severe migraine from a major sinus infection and had just been released from the hospital and we HAD to move a 3000 square foot house in a day.  She and Sam rallied up a couple other neighbors and packed up our entire house.......yep.......they packed our entire house!!  That's my friend Sherrie.

How very blessed I am to be able to call her my friend.....Be sure and check out her Blog on her Dallas Fire Fighting experiences at

(Oh ya, she can do bizarre things with her middle toe, too.........WAY COOL!)


Ant Ellie said...

Dear Liz, I just went to Sherrie's blog and read every word! it was fascinating.

she is a good writer and I love the scriptures she adds. I know I have met her
but I feel I "know" her now....such good stories.
She reminds me of one of my favorite sayings "when you think you cannot go
one step really can!"
You have the best friends! I love you both lots and lots. stay warm.
ant ellie

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Sherrie said...

Thanks so sweet