Monday, November 12, 2012

My Veterans......

Monday, November 12, 2012


Why don't I remember my elementary school ever honoring Veterans Day?  I went to private school my entire life and, either I slept through the celebration or they never had one.  My guess is the latter.

That's why I'm so incredibly proud of our granddaughters' elementary school, Boon Elementary, who not only teaches the kiddos about the sacrifice our veterans made, but honors those veteran relatives of the students with a parade, program and introduction.  WOW!  

The beautiful sunrise in my rear-view mirror.....

Chuck and I hit the road at 5:30 am Friday, headed to Allen, Texas for this amazing honor.  Our oldest granddaughter, Bella, was selected to read a speech she had written in front of the school.....and an amazing speech it was.  She was as cool and confident as Dian Sawyer standing in front of the school talking about her grandfathers who were veterans.  I'm pretty sure I saw tears in Chuck's eyes......

And our youngest granddaughter, Freckles......and her Brownie troupe marched in the American and Texas flags for the Pledge of Allegiance.  We pledged allegiance not only to the American flag, but also to the Texas flag, which goes something like this:

"Honor the Texas flag; 
I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, 
one state under God, one and indivisible."

I'm sad to say, I didn't know we had a pledge of allegiance to the Texas flag! 

And the parade......awwww......the parade was incredible.  All 600 kids from the entire school lined the hallways with flags waving as the veterans walked through.  They were hi-fiving the veterans....shaking their hands......hooting and was a proud moment.  I think these kids actually "get" it.........

I'm so incredibly proud of our veterans who risked and continue to risk their lives to protect us here......

My Husband - Air Force
My Dad - Army
My Nephew - Marines
My Brother-in-Laws - Navy

Proud......yep...that's what I am!!!


ellen said...

Very cool. When we were growing up we did not honor our veterans - it's about time!

Cynthia said...

Wonderful Blog.. thanks for sending it. made my day.. Sunday at Church they had the Veterans stand and
that was a proud moment for me.. Ken got to stand up.. and it made me proud.. I'm proud of all the Veterans..
Love you,
Hugs to Mr.Chuck

Jack Wallace said...

Wow. You shared this last evening at dinner, and now you filled in the blanks in my mind with the pics. I am so glad I served and so proud of those who have and are serving!

Betty Faber said...

Hey Liz: I sure enjoyed your tribute to our veterans. My brother will be 88 yrs old in March. He served 4 years in the Air Force in the Pacific during WW 11. I am so proud of him. He is not in the best of health, but God willing he is still here. Ernie was in the Army, but the war ended before he shipped out. Say Hi to that great guy of yours. Take care.


Bonnie and Dick said...

Liz----what a wonderful tribute to your family of veterans!!! I’m so proud of them and YOU for reminding us of the sacrifice they made and still make for all of us!!! Those aren’t just words that have NO meaning!!! It has become more important and meaningful as we get older and realize the truth of what they have actually done for all of us. Thanks for instilling this important occasion in your grandchildren. They will NOT forget I can assure you. We need them in the future to stand up for country.

Love you, Bonnie

Mary Lee & Tom said...

One of the best celebrations I've heard about. Yea for your grandaughters school! And Yes, Yes, Yes, for our many veterans. Tom, Navy.

Mary Lee

Sandee said...


Thanks for this. It's restored my faith that our children will not lose their patriotism. Sometimes I think it's been forgotten. Guess not! Sandee

Mary said...

That was very cool !!! I