Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Silent Night........

December 18, 2012


I sure hope you're further along with your Christmas shopping than I am....I still have a ways to go and less than a week to do it in.  AGHHH.....

I'm also not one much for sending out Christmas cards and seriously, what could I tell you in a Christmas letter than I haven't already told you in Murphy's Mom Blog??.......So I thought I'd do something slightly different this year.

I did a YouTube Christmas Card!!
(Link below)

Yep, that's right......my non-existent Christmas cards have gone hi-tech and moved into the cheaper, quicker, less hand cramps mode....

I hope you enjoy......it's 4 minutes long but it says everything I'd like to say to you if you were sitting next to me right now as I type this.......with snapshots of our life over this past, often difficult, year.

But I'm thankful.........thankful for each and every trial that was thrown at us this year......thankful that we survived each of them.....actually grew in our faith because of them.......and are better equipped to handle whatever comes next.

Sit back and enjoy the Etheridge Christmas Card......from our hearts to yours. (Simply "Click" on the link below):


Jack Wallace said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Rita Ray said...

What a beautiful presentation of the gospel!! A Merry Christmas to you and Chuck.

Cynthia said...

What a way to start the day with your beautiful CARD.. how soothing and sweet..
Thank you so much..

Nancy Craig said...

This is awesome!!!! What a gift you have Liz.
Thank you for sharing. Love & miss you

Ellen said...

Very nice - who was the singer? See you guys Saturday. We can watch this again as a family if you like.

Joy Stone said...

"Thank you, Liz. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love in Christ Jesus. How wonderful, how marvelous, that he should care for me."

Jack Wallace said...

"This is a Youtube Christmas Card from my friends Chuck and Liz Calloway Etheridge. It is very inspiring and promising for sure, and picks up the theme of our worship series over the Advent and Christmas season. Thank you, Chuck and Liz.

Mary Bane said...

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card.
We love you,
Willie and Mary

Jack and Jackie said...

Thank you for the lovely card. The best one of the year!
I've got yours and Chucks - will drop off between now and Christmas!

Ant Elle said...

What a beautiful Christmas video! Some of those pictures were taken from
your backyard....of that beautiful lake....wow! The messages were so
inspiring...would lift one from any dispiritedness! Thank you for
those heart felt messages.

The video of the skating party and Chuck with the grandkids...real neat.
Bet he sure enjoyed that! He is always game for whatever fun there
is....right on!
Thank you for that wonderful video....you really know how to put
messages, pictures and music together in a special way!
I am so proud of your talent! You and Chuck have a wonderful
Christmas. I think you wrote that Debbie and Brady are going to
California for Christmas and so won't be home.....will send their gift
a little later. The reindeer are bringing your gift soon...hopefully in
time for Christmas!
You take care and have a good time...Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!
Love, ant ellie

Betty & Ernie said...

Thank you so much for the truly beautiful and inspiring Christmas card. We wish you and Chuck a much better and healthier 2013.

Love & God Bless

Betty & Ernie

Beverly said...

Murphy and Molly seem to be saying what in the world is going on. Real cute. Wish you and Chuck a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. I too dont think I will get around sending cards this year. Still struggling with ailment but God is good.

Liz Hurt said...

Oh, Liz, that is the most beautiful Christmas "card" ever. It is balm to my aching soul. Thank you so much. Love, Liz

Sandee & Larry said...

Oh Liz,

Your card made me cry...in a good way. The Choir had practiced so long for the Cantata and our main song was 'How Could The Shepherd's Know' and that was the real message of Christmas. Thanks for putting this together...and for being our friend. Love, Sandee and Larry

Annette and Charlie said...

Liz. thank you for the card and it's beautiful message. Merry Christmas to you and Chuck.
Annette and Charlie

Georgia and Hal said...

That was absolutely beautiful!!! Thanking for sending this rather than a card. In case you were wondering, you won't get either from me. I ran out of cards and I am still sick and can't get more. So dear friends, Merry Christmas. May you feel God's blessings surround you this Christmas Season and throught the New Year!

Love ya guys,
Georgia and Hal