Friday, January 4, 2013

Life Is Not An Emergency........

 January 4, 2013

Do you find yourself this time of year, racing through your days, as if life is some type of an emergency or something?  I certainly do.....and I hate that I sometimes forget to downshift my life from 4th to 2nd gear.

 This is our first Christmas without Mom.  Our first snow without her telling me to drive careful on the slick roads and to quit taking pictures while I'm driving....

I think maybe sometimes I purposely keep my engine running in 4th gear to avoid the emotion that comes from thinking about reality.

I miss her.

When we were cleaning out Mom's room shortly after she died, I picked up a little music box with a blue bird on it that she loved.  I can remember her playing it and feeling how appropriate it was for her.  This Christmas, I decided her best friend of a zillion years, Jimmie Lou, needed it.  It would remind her of Mom every time she listened to it.....I'm glad she has it.

This morning, my sister called me and my niece so that we were on a 3-way conversation.  She told us she wanted us to hear something.....and she proceeded to play a song over the phone we had played at Mom's funeral....."From Here To The Moon and Back".......

And I knew she was missing Mom too.

As I start this new year, I start with no new resolutions that I never keep.  What I do plan on doing, though, is being thankful....TRULY THANKFUL....and changing how my retina looks at the things around me.

I plan on living my life in 3rd gear.....not too fast...not too slow....but just the right speed to see the beauty in everything I pass.....even the things I never saw beauty in before.

Won't you join me?



Liz Hurt said...

That's an outstanding song. It makes me miss both our moms - - terribly. Much love, dear friend.

Cheryl said...

How are you my precious friend? This blog is wonderful. I listened and watched the video all the way through and thought of how well you love and you must have been taught by your Mom to love so well. What a blessing and a gift you share with so many, including me.
I am praying for you sweetie, as my heart feels for you and the sadness of your Mom being gone catching up as the winter days slow us down some. I will give you a quiet night of reflection and peace . She raised an incredible daughter, and I bet is still watching you take pictures while driving and thinking" well I tried"!
I love you!

Blessings and joy!

Cynthia said...

I loved your blog and yes, I'll join you my dear friend.. that is one reason I
want back to the lake.. just to relax and see the trees
in the back yard. Here I'm all fenced in like a jail.. out there I can relax and
be free..
I loved the part where you got this music box from your Mom's room.. it's
strange.. I have a little blue bird from My mama's room
when she passes away.. and that has been since since Jan. 7th 1991... I drove
home alone from Texarkana in the night with
snow and ice on I-30 crying my eyes out..and yes, it still hurts so bad and I
miss her so much.. she was my mama.. and I will
always miss her.. so we have that in common.. sad but true.. life goes and part
of us cries forever..
I thank you for your blog today

Sharon & Bob said...

Great reminder, thanks!

I hope everything you think of your Mom you will smile.

Love you, ss

Jack said...

Thank you Liz. What a blessed process.

Grace and peace

Kathy said...

Awwww….this was great and I’m so sorry you’re missing your mom so much. But it’s sooooo understandable. I know she is giggling about your speed, but also smiling on you as she remembers all the good times with you too. Love that song!! Really. I want that at my service someday!!

Betty said...

And a Happy New Year to you my dear friend. I truly appreciate the beautiful pictures you include in your blogs.No truer words were spoken than we should stop and smell the roses and see the beautiful world around us. I am glad that Kim & Mike lived at the lake house because that way we met you, Chuck, Becky, Troy and Norm & Sue. Great people, all. Take care and maybe we will get to see you one of these days.

Love ya,

Sherrie said...

I hear you. I can tell you really really really loved and miss your mother. I love and miss you.

Sherrie said...

Life is not an emergency. Sounds like a chapter in my book. May I use it?

Patricia Perez said...

Thank you for the thouhgtful gift to my mother. She loved your mother more so, they complimented each other.I gave my mom a music box years ago that has a cardinal on top and plays "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" it is so nice that she has a blue jay to go beside it. I will suggest she name them JL and DC. I miss Miss Dorothy. It's time for me to change gears because I cannot teach with tears in my eyes.

ant Elle said...

By the way, after hearing you and Jacque talk about "to the moon and back"
only after I clicked on that link in your email about your Mom, did I realize
there was a song by Dolly Partin and that it was such a neat, beautiful
song! It is now my new best loved song.....I play it over and over as I go
through email...keeping it on my task bar and when it stops, I just click on
it again and it plays again. I even ordered the movie trak from Amazon
and it will replace the CD I listen to in my truck, the African chanting
/music CD that I got at Busch Gardens
before Christmas! I wrote down the lyrics and sing along.....such beautiful I am going to learn to accompany the song with my guitar!
I really love beautiful meaningful music!!! thank you.
ant ellie

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Dad said...

This Blog was the right Thing At JUST the right time. You are right about Mom I miss her so !!! JC