Thursday, May 15, 2014

To Struggle Is to Live

May 15, 2014
(Chuck with VA Doctor, Dr. George)

As I sit here, very early, watching the heavy fog lifting from the lake on this May 15, my mind travels back two years ago today.

I can actually tell you what I was wearing at this very moment two years ago....not that you care or want to know.....but I remember it that well.

It was a Tuesday and I was witnessing one of our best friends live out his last day.  His wife and I sat quietly with him that day, watching as his breaths became fewer and fewer.....praying God would pour out mercy and offer him relief from this horrible disease in a dimly lit nursing home room.  We sat most of that day next to him.....stroking his hand...his hair....and remembering all the crazy situations he and Chuck had gotten themselves into over the years and how she and I would always have to rescue them from themselves.

Just two weeks earlier, I had prayed this same prayer of mercy as Mom breathed her last breath.

Later in the day....this day two years ago.....I found myself rushing the 5 hours home from our dying friend's side to be by my own husband's side as the doctor gave us the news he had broken his hip and needed immediate surgery.

So.......why am I rehashing that difficult day two years ago today?  Because I have learned in these past two years, that life can be pretty crappy will throw things at you when you're least prepared.....and ya,


And about the time you're ready to body slam yourself to the floor kicking and screaming "Why me?", along comes a beautiful purple iris that your Mom had given you a cutting from 5 years earlier....blooming for the first time......and you hear yourself say, "Awww.....Life Is SO Good".

See, although life can be a struggle most every day.....and this is coming from a woman who has a massive scar on the top of her head that closely resembles the State of Texas all from a tiny, ticked-off freckle....we are told to hold tightly to James 1:2-3, "When troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.  For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow".

LIFE IS GOOD....."because" of these struggles.