Wednesday, June 18, 2014

OURAY - Here We Come!!!

June 18, 2014


 I am SO dang excited I can hardly stand myself.

We just made reservations to head back to Ouray, CO the end of August!  Remember me telling you....and SHOWING you.....the 362 pictures of the hair-pin turns going up, and then down....and then up again....the Black Bear Pass where the "path" was so narrow, the Jeep was scraping the side of the cliff walls and the best seat in the Jeep was the rear drivers side where your butt was hanging off the cliff when he had to back up to make the turn??   And did I mention there is NO road.....just a path where others have fallen off the cliff before you?

Oh ya......makes me giddy just typing those words!!

We are headed back there......but this time, no motorhome and no motorcycle trike....

Sad Sigh

But none of that matters......we are going back!!!!!  The only issue we are trying to figure out is how we will "communicate" with each other while on the road to Colorado.  

See, we have this handicap minivan that is wheelchair-no-carpet-metal-shell NOISY.  And I have this husband who is hard of DEAF.  Our conversations are beyond bizarre each time we ride in it and now we will be traveling 1000 miles each way.


After scratching our heads a bit on how best to handle this problem, I had a lightbulb moment.  I thought if we only had an intercom system like we had on our motorcycle helmets where we could talk to each other, that would work GREAT for us on this road trip.  The sound goes directly into our ears and I never once had trouble hearing Chuck crunching on his almonds and he never once missed me yelling at him while we had these on.'s our solution.  WHALL-AAAAA!!!!

Can't wait!!!!!