Monday, June 8, 2015

Bubble of Protection


Four years ago, Chuck and I made our last summer journey in our RV.  It was bittersweet....actually, that's not true.  It was sweet about it....cause neither of us were ready to stop traveling, but Chuck's health required that we do so.

From the moment we first began traveling in the summers, before we would ever leave the driveway, we would hold hands, and with the hum of the diesel engine in the background, pray for God's "bubble of protection" over us.  We would continue this prayer the next 2-3 months as we traveled to places unknown across the country. 

Our last summer journey took us to Colorado and Utah....up and down mountains....with steering-wheel-death-grips as we climbed up intense grades....and then jake-braked our way down those same scary grades.  Driving a 40' motorhome pulling a trailer was completely out of my comfort always caused anxiety before heading out on every new journey.  But something would always happen after our hands unclasped from praying our "bubble of protection" prayer.  I felt peace.  My nerves calmed.  My worry disappeared.

A couple days after we returned from our last summer journey, we took the RV up to be washed one final time to get it ready to sell.  It was a desperately sad drive to the truck wash that day as I knew a chapter was closing, but I also noticed the RV was driving odd as we headed up FM was like I didn't have control of it and when I would brake, it rocked from side to side in an intensely exaggerated way.  We drove it to Mt. Vernon Tire and had Randy check it out.  His words as he crawled out from under our RV that day were, "OH MY GOODNESS" ....the rear axle is broken in two."  A manufacturing defect he said.  He then stated, "If this break had occurred while you were going down a mountain or even on the straight roads of Amarillo, you most likely could not have kept control of it.  You would have rolled.  It could have easily killed you both." 

Friends, it broke in our driveway after we parked it for the last time.

As Chuck and I looked at each other that day four years ago, both realizing we had witnessed the reality that our many "Bubble of Protection" prayers had just been answered, we knew.....that we knew.....THAT WE KNEW.....that God had heard and answered these many prayers of ours.

DON'T PRAY....unless you are ready for God to show up.