Sunday, February 5, 2017

Day 1: Leavinnnn'.......On A Big Boat..Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again.....

THIS......was the temperature on my Jeep thermometer when I pulled out of the driveway last Saturday morning at 5:50 am headed for Mexico.  I had promised to wake Chuck up before I left, but as I looked into that cherub-face of his as he slept soundly in our nice warm bed, he suddenly blurted out a snore like someone had just suddenly stopped the music by dragging the needle off the record without ever lifting it.  I felt he needed his rest.

After passing 2 wrecks, a dead deer and a shut-down freeway, I met my sister in Ennis....a little over two hours from home in a Walmart parking lot.  We turned the Jeep over to my brother-in-law and loaded up her Volkswagon and headed south.  #together.....#1stSisterTrip.....#CanWeGetAlong?

Debbie and I have never been on a Sister-Sister trip alone together.  We are radically different in many ways.....and wonderfully alike in others.  Every trip we have taken together in the past have included our Mom or her daughter or our husbands.  But never just she and I.  To say we started praying about this trip a month in advance is an understatement.   We were nervous....excited....apprehensive....and hopeful.

She unloaded me, and-the-4-tons-of-luggage-it-takes-for-two-Calloway-women-to-survive-5-days-in-Mexico, on the curb in Galveston.  Being the seasoned cruiser she was, her parting words to me were, "Stay right here...I'll be right back.  I'll park the car and catch the shuttle back to the terminal."  So I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I watched as a van-load of laughing Red Hat Ladies jumped out and headed in the opposite direction of where I was sitting....and then a bus-load of disabled teens headed in that same direction....and here I sat.....posting on Facebook, "Cruising' with my sissy.....however I seem to have misplaced her at the moment...."

It was about this time I decided to leave my post and follow the bus-load of handicap teens.  This is when I found my sister.  I'm not pointing fingers or anything.....but it wasn't my fault.

We made our way into the terminal where us and our 2,798 new friends each got our ticket-to-ride and boarded the boat...umm..ship.  And this......was Day 1.


Cherie said...

I hope y'all are having a blast! How fun!

Margie said...

So happy for you Liz! Love, Margie & Mike

Robin said...

Happy happy clap clap...I feel like I am cruisin with you....thank you soooo much for bringing me along!!!!!!!!

Liz Hurt said...

I hope there's gonna be more of this!!!! TOL

Chloanne said...

Wow! Mexico! I'll be praying for you both. I'm praying that it is all fun and no trouble, good weather, protection from pickpockets, no "sickening food" and just a very special time with your sister. Are you going to Cozumel or Cancun? I've never been there, but I've heard that it is so beautiful.

God be with you both, and with Chuck, and write me when you are back.

Much love,


Ant Ellie said...

What a sunrise! It looks like a casino is loaded on the lit up! but the weather looks nice.
you both enjoy! ant ellieAnt