Sunday, October 27, 2019

GROWING SEEDS: "Never Underestimate the Dazzling Light"

"And while he was praying, the appearance of His face changed, and His clothes became dazzling white."  
Luke 9:29

"Father, I planned on having the Hospice lady out just to chat....answer questions....fact-find really.  But while she was sitting in my living room, I saw a circle of light around her.....and I knew this was the route You wanted us to go."  (Liz Prayer Journal, 8-9-18)

Dazzling Light.  

A year ago August as we prepared to leave the Dallas hospital Chuck had been in for a week, his cardiologist sat us down, placed his hands on Chuck's knees and said, "I recommend you go on hospice."  We were shocked.....the word Hospice had never entered our minds much less our mouths.  I said, "Absolutely not" as we drove home that day...."We're not bad enough for hospice".  

But we agreed to "listen" to what they had to say.  Fact-find know, for that day in the far far future when we might need them.

She arrived a few days later.  A petite young girl who I made sure knew Chuck was no where near ready for hospice, although his entire medical history was sitting in her lap.  She smiled and said, "That's great!  Then we'll just make sure you have all the answers you need for when you do need us."  

As I fired off the questions to her that day, something strange started happening.  I noticed a small circle of light developing around her head.  At first, I thought possibly it was just a reflection of the sun, but the circle of light grew larger and brighter with each question and answer until I could no longer see her face.  Ironically, her answers started making sense for Chuck.  I was mesmerized by this light around her head....and I suddenly knew, without a doubt, this "light" was placed around her by God.  It was His sign to us.

Then from the cloud came a voice that said, “This is my Son, my Chosen; Listen To Him!” 
Luke 9:35

We listened to that Light that warm Wednesday morning in August of last year.  A "Light" that helped take the sting out of death for us three months later...much like that light surrounding Jesus on the mountain that day 2000 years ago has helped prepare the world for His departure.

And His return....

Sunday, October 20, 2019


I'm a visual; meaning, I can learn easier the art of changing out my Jeep tail light by watching a "How-To- YouTube-Video" than opening my glove compartment and pulling out the instruction manual.  I'm a bit like Doubting Thomas in the Bible as I seem to have this need to "see" for myself rather than read or hear about something. 

As I was reading the story of the Road to Emmaus this week, I started "visualizing" myself walking that road with these two companions.  What would I have done if I had been walking that dirt road headed home from Jerusalem that day...full of disappointment and heartbreak?  I couldn't help but be reminded of how many times Jesus has been next to me on my own rocky road and I never recognized Him.   

What we tend to forget is, we were never meant to walk this road alone. We are so severely focused on ourselves and the weight of our struggle that we forget to look up and see the quiet Companion getting His shoes dirty next to us.  He's been there the whole time....we just refused to open our eyes and look into His.

It wasn't until Jesus broke the bread in their dining room that evening, handed them each a piece of it....a true representation of His broken body He had taught His disciples a mere 72 hours earlier....did the two on the road to Emmaus tilt their chins up and see who had been walking on the road next to them.  Jesus opened their eyes and they now saw with heart-eyes.

Sometimes He prevents us from recognizing Him so we can see with our
Hearts and Minds
before recognizing Him with our

There is something so precious in the visual of Christ walking with us in our darkest hour....when we desire an answer....and His desire is that we know we have THE answer - Himself.

You are by my side...You go before me
You stand behind....You tell my fear to run
In the tragedy, You grieve with me
When I can't see...When I can't feel
When the pain is real...You are by my side

Sunday, October 13, 2019

GROWING SEEDS: "Standing At A Crossroad"

"Go stand at the crossroads and look around.
Ask for directions to the old road,
The tried-and-true road.  Then take it.
Discover the right route for your souls.
But they said, "Nothing doing.  We aren't going that way."

Jeremiah 6:16-17 (MSG)

I am at a crossroads in my life right now.  I'm standing in the center of the intersection, looking east...then west....and then up.....waiting for God to grab my hand and guide me in the direction I need to go.  All I do I want to go in the direction of the narrow gate, the dusty path that leads me Home.

The other morning I watched on the news as Judge Kemp, a Dallas judge, walked over to a young woman named Amber Guyger who had just been convicted of 1st degree murder....and embraced her...hugged her like a mother would hug her daughter....looked her square in the eye and encouraged her to choose the dusty eternal path.  As the judge quoted John 3:16 to Amber and to the world, she handed her a Bible to take and read in prison for the next 10 years. Why?  Because the Judge knew which road would get Amber Home safely.

I'm restless with sleepy Christians...those who are not listening to the FIRE alarms going off and to the Judge Kemps in this world....those who are living their lives for this earth and not for their true Home...who zip through these crossroads not caring whether they are on the right road or not.  As long as the road is paved and smooth, they are content.  It doesn't matter whether the road leads to Hell or not.  No amount of amount of pleading causes them to wake-up and look for that "tried-and-true" road.  The road to Hell is always a lot more fun.  Always.

Friends, today we are each standing at a way leads to Heaven....the other Hell.  What will be your eternal destination after this earthly life is over for you?  The most important question you will ever ask yourself is, "Which direction do I go?"

"Enter by the narrow gate.
For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction,
and those who enter by it are many.
Matthew 7:13

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Growing Seeds: "When You Walk Through A Storm"


It seems right now, most everyone I know is going through an EF5 tornado in their lives.  There may not be wind or rain, but there are certainly storm clouds enveloping them with a strange darkness that has fallen on their path and the sound of silence from the only One who could rescue them is all they hear.  My heart is heavy with concern.....and my prayers are getting longer and longer each morning as I add names to the ever-growing list of people in my life who are barely able to put one foot in front of the other.  Tears are the norm in my morning quiet time these days.....and I long for peace to be a part of their lives once again. 

Then I hear these words: 
"The journey is too great for you".  1 Kings 19:7
And like a light being turned on in a dark room, I am reminded that this journey is indeed too great for us.....and that God invites us each second of each day to STOP and find REST in that can truly sustain us for today's journey. Tomorrow we will wake to find ourselves a mile closer to our true Home He has prepared for us, but for today, let Him lead as we travel on. 
He shines His light one inch at a time in front of us. It's all we can handle.  And we are led, step at a time....out of the darkness and into the bright and shining light of Home.
“This moment, this place, is none other than a gate into Heaven.”