Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DAY 56: Third World Power Outage Conspiracy....Hummmm

DAY 56:  No-Power Ashton, Idaho

Well, we slept very well, thank you, in the Wal-Mart RV Parking Lot last night.  I did notice, however, a few stares when I was out walking Murphy this morning at 6:30 am in my hot pink bathrobe trying to untangle him and his leash from one of the grocery carts, but other than that, it was mighty fine!  We were a bit bummed we didn't get to know any of the neighbors, though.

Since we had nothing to pull up, slide in, or unhook, we were on our way in no time at all!  First stop; RV WASH.  Yesterday we found ourselves driving thru some rather dusty road construction for about 6 miles and the RV and the motorcycle were barely recognizable.  So, we U-turned into a brand smackin' new RV truck wash on the way out of town.  It was SO new that we were the first RV to get washed!  The owners helped scrub the sides of the RV and even took before and after wash pictures so they could use them in their upcoming brochure!  We're like celebrities in that town!!
Anyway, we slid on out of there with a clean RV and happy waving owners and traveled some drop-dead gorgeous roads getting here to Ashton, Idaho.
Drive to Ashton, Idaho

Now, I have to admit, I didn't study up on this town too much because its not easy getting a reservation at a campground anywhere near the Tetons or Yellowstone and this was the closest I could find.  I'm not saying its a "bad" town, I'm just saying there's just not much of a town here!  We found our RV spot, which I must admit, is PERFECT......little grassy area for Murphy and the trailer, a view of the Tetons (sordof) and nice dam workers (I mean this is a "nice" way) living across the road.

And the dam workers and us got to know each other better this evening when there was a major power outage.....
What Chuck Thought of No TV

Gary, and his buddy Gary......and their other buddy Gary.....and Chuck and Liz were all out wandering around saying "Whut Happened??" after the power went out......  When we realized it was a widespread power outage, my mind started going in bizarre directions such as "What if this is an attack on our power grid???  What if some electromagnetic attack by some third world country occurred???"  Yes, I know.....I'm been reading too many Survival Blogs.......But we can all breath easy......there was no attack (unless they "want" us to think that...hummmm)....but we have power back and Chuck can watch TV again.  Sigh... Life is Good Again.

View from our RV


Robin said...

Hi Liz,

Eric and I love reading your blog. I have a feeling you have many more readers than just the ones posting comments:) Eric and I are about to leave on our own grand adventure in our little pop up (our crib is not quite as fancy as y'alls). We've camped across the entire U.S. except for North and South Carolina and Hawaii (can't seem to get that camper to float). This year we're off to the Grand Canyon, Vegas, and then probably to Colorado. Who knows maybe we'll bump into you along the road...hmmm shouldn't say "bump".

I was wondering if you can add my mom, Faye, to your update list. Her email is:
She'd love to keep up with your trip. She too is a fellow traveller. In fact they are off on a 45 day trip to Thailand! I come by my itchy feet honestly.

Looking forward to reading about the rest of the trip. Someday when you get back, we need to get together.

Thought for the day...

All who wander are not lost.

Jacquetta said...

Where is Ashton? I have a nephew in Moscow, a niece in Lewiston and sister in Boise. If you go thru Boise call my sister - Nancy Bozett, 1-208-343-0726. Have fun in Idaho.
love, Jacquetta

Cherie said...

"I love your blogs Liz and am loving traveling along with you, Chuck and Murphy! the LULU Pass sign was too kewl! Mom got a kick out of that!"

Israel said...

It's a good thing the t.v. is working for that wild man!!


Del said...

Liz - I tink it's spelled damn - If we were with you - you could brake the Gary cycle... Del

Ant Ellie said...

Isn't it funny how much we rely on electricity? The countryside almost looks like California hills....bare and smooth. ya'll be careful.
ant ellie

Sallie said...

"I love your blogs Liz. This trip has been fun to watch. I am so happy you are sharing the trip with me."

Stu said...

Where is the picture of you in “Hot Pink”?
Stu :)