Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mr. Doodlebug Has A New Name - And I Have a Project For You!

October 26, 2010

Miss me?????????

Wondering what our neighbor's Alaskan dog, Mr. Doodlebug's new name is??

Before I tell you who won the Grand Prize, Uncle Walt and Aunt Becky would like to "thank" all of you for your wonderful suggestions......some of them were just plain weird, but most were very, very clever and good........

DRUM ROLL PLEASE............The Winner of an All Expense Paid Weekend Teaching Mr. Doodlebug Not To Doodle In The Floor is......

(Whoooo Hoooooo......Way to Go Nancy!!!!)

I must tell you, Nancy worked hard to win this honor.  She researched, she studied, she gave many well-thought-out suggestions.......And Mr. Doodlebug's New Name Is:

(or as Chuck and I call him; "To Go")

Sorry for those of you who thought the Grand Prize was a Lexus......Can't imagine where you got that idea......

Now that we've got Togo named, I've got a fun, exciting project for those of you who are not weak-at-heart.  I also don't want you to think poorly of me for being excited about this, but when our neighbor came over the other day and told me that his daughter and her boyfriend showed him this, welllll......I just had to see it for myself.......and boy howdy......this chick wasn't disappointed!

Have you ever "enjoyed" popping zits.......whether on yourself or someone else??

I have.

I am a Zitaholic and I Admit It.  I was blessed with the fact that I had very few zits during the puberty years, but I absolutely can't keep my hands off a good, juicy zit.....I'm constantly checking behind Chuck's ears like its an Easter egg hunt......so imagine my excitement when I saw "The World's Largest Zit" on YouTube.   This was AWESOME, folks......but I must warn you....this was not for the faint of heart.  I could actually hear a girl in the background "hurling"......
You know you want to pop this.........

So if your like me and enjoy the satisfaction of popping the mashed potatoes out of a zit or maybe you're a closet-zitaholic, you need to check out all the zit video's on YouTube......

Please don't think badly of me.......


Bonnie and Dick said...

Liz- glad you have a good name for the new doggie. Can’t say I like it a lot, but that’s just me---I’m weird!!! Anyway, I would like to ‘operate’ on that zit, but what I REALLY want to do is-----wax that mustache on that girl!!!! Now, that is gross along with the zit. She is going to need a sterilized needle for this.

Ant Ellie said...

What a cute name for a cute dog! It fits perfectly.

Now to the zitz.....please double glove, you never know where her mouth has been....yuk.

You can look up zits on You Tube?? Now I know why I am not on there!
take care and have fun.
ant ellie
p.s. darn I lost the Lexus!