Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My New Friend Leroy

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My New Friend, Leroy

Thanks to everyone who responded to my Blog and Facebook posts yesterday.  I always worry about bombarding people with the craziness of our travels in their email inbox and can imagine them saying, "Dang it, another email from that Murphy's Mom chick......hasn't she tortured that husband of hers & US enough??"  

BTW, my friend Leroy above has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this Blog.....I just thought he was cute......


Judy Boyles said...

Leroy is cute. Does he get to go on your travels with you? He kind of looks like EEEYORE (from the Pooh series).


Judy Boyles

Israel said...

The only thing wrong with Leroy is his big nose!!!


Althea said...

Lol! He is adorable!

Ant ellie said...

what kind of fragrance were you wearing?.....he seems sort of nosey? is he a donkey?
what happened to his skin.....may need a dermatologist? is this near the spot you have
your motorhome at? don't let him kick that sweet Murphy. Did you name him
Leroy...or was that his birth name? Better this end than the other end!!!
Love you both, ant ellie

Sharon & Bob said...

Looks like a girl my brother used to date

David Pierce said...

Keep em coming! PS: like your new friend!


Barry Crow said...

You kiss his nose?

Glenda Anderson said...

So far, but it is very close. She and her husband both work at the Nuclear Lab and live fairly close.

AND...speaking of your travel.....Colorado, especially north end like Steamboat Springs (you must go there!!) is having BIG TIME bear populations in town. There has been so much snow there and Utah that the bears have had a hard time feeding.....and this is their HUNGRY time of year!!!!! (they've been in a cave for a while!!!!!!) So be careful and take no chances. Steamboat's paper has some great pics and reports this week. (The Steamboat Pilot)

Y'all have a wonderful time!!! And I will look for that blog and your pics!!!!!

Love ya!!

Jeanette said...

I love just keep them coming to my email box. I love how your mind works on these

Lulu Mae said...

I am soo glad u r on the road again I love traveling with u u make life so enteresting an see places I would never see any other way.. SAFE TRAVELS GOD SPEED May angels travel with u an keep u safe.."

Dad said...

are u sure the horse is facing the right direction?? maybe the ends should be reversed....maybe JC