Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"A Sunset On Earth Is A Sunrise In Heaven...."

"A Sunset on Earth is A Sunrise in Heaven"
Matt Anderson

A year ago today, Mom left the arthritic, Parkinson's riddled and confused body that carried her through 80 years on this earth and witnessed a "SUNRISE" like none of us could imagine in our wildest dreams.

Today is a day of special remembering......and blessings!!!

From my prayer journal on this day last year:

"....Oh Father, thank You for the blessing....yes....the BLESSING and GRACE of taking her home to be with You where she feels no more pain, no more anguish, where she is young once again and HAPPY.  Father, my heart is leaping for joy that she is no longer a captive in the worn out body she occupied up until today at 1:11 pm.  Father, thank You for answering our prayers for her....thank You for the promise of being a loving, caring, merciful God to us. 

I believe, in some small corner of her mind, she knew her family was ready.  Thank You for placing me in the family that I am in.....Thank You for the mother You gave me.....I know her life wasn't always easy....matter of fact....most of the time it was quite difficult....but she endured, she continued to love, she continued to reflect You in her life....and she taught us all to love You.  Bless her, Father, and tell her today how very very much she was loved here on earth.  Oh to have been a bug on the wall of Heaven today to see her homecoming!! 

Father, thank You for all the love and support and prayers that have been given on my behalf.  There are no words that I can find to describe the gratefulness that I feel towards those who love me.  One never really knows how much they are loved until times like this.  I realize most people have been down the road I'm currently traveling on missing my Mom....my best friend...and I hope that it makes me a more understanding.....better friend....to others when they walk the road I'm walking right now. Thank You for these kind folks....."

 Today.....I'm so very THANKFUL for the memories of Mom that I will carry with me, tucked deeply in my soul, until the day I take my last breath.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our Wedding.......16 Years Later

It's our 16th Wedding Anniversary Today......

Sixteen years........sometimes feels like a lifetime......other times, like yesterday.  As I type this, he's laying on the couch snoring.....one dog on the top of the couch above him...the other laying on the floor beside him and the cat at his feet......and I'm feeling very blessed right now.

I can still remember every minute detail of our wedding day.  We were married in the amazing garden-setting backyard of our home in Dallas on a beautiful Sunday evening.  The day started off with friends hoisting furniture out of the living room, balancing past the pool and into the garage......My brother and my then 12 year old nephew, Lance (who is now an officer in the Marines), wiring the sound system and my Mom, who was my Maid of Honor, and I getting our hair done by my sweet friend Frosty.  My sister was in charge of everything, including our wedding coordinator that we affectionately named Elvira, as she looked like a funeral director with her jet black hair, super white skin and scary attitude.

Mom was complaining cause her feet were killing her in the shoes she had picked out.....yet she looked amazing.  She painfully talked about those shoes for the next 14 years.  Our dog, Kiki, was our ring bearer and half way down the aisle, decided to make a RUN for it with our rings tied around his neck....so the bride (ME) had to go retrieve him and the rings.  I remember thinking the pianist must have forgotten how to end the last song, "The Lord's Prayer" as I think it went on for 15 minutes and Chuck was starting to weave.  Chuck's Dad (now deceased) gave the opening prayer and my Dad gave the closing prayer.  My Mom (now deceased) stood next to me and Chuck's son, Troy, stood next to him. 

Our wedding vows included me promising "to always put Chuck's garage tools away when I used them" and Chuck promising "to do all the cooking".  The moment we said "I do", a blue bird in the nearby tree starting singing at the top of its lungs and a breeze threatened to blow my veil from my head.  That very moment.....it was magical.....it was right.

And then everyone clapped.

A helicopter then scooped down low over our house and I remember thinking, "Wow, Charlie arranged for a helicopter to take us away...." but I think it was just a police helicopter looking for criminals........after all, we did live in Dallas.

Blessed........awwwww........so very blessed.

A lot has happened in the last 16 years.......good and bad.....funny and sad,  and I'm so grateful for every minute God has given us over that time.

And God-willing, we'll have 16 more.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Murphy's New Girlfriend.....LUCY

Murphy's New Girlfriend....

Wanted to give a quick "shout-out" to Murphy's latest girlfriend....Lucy Hood.  

Lucy is a dog-actress......just completed her first movie called "Queen of the Sprinklers".  Here is a trailer of her upcoming movie soon to be released.....

Sit back and enjoy.....and don't forget to go see her new movie when it comes out!!

Lucy - Sprinkler Detective

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Am I Still Welcome In Your Inbox??

I feel like a stranger to Murphy's Mom Blog these days......it's been EONS since I've written and I'm not really sure why.   But I miss talking to you.......sharing all the crazy things that seem to happen daily in my life.  I hope I'm still welcome in your inbox!

Just to catch you up to speed........so far this year, we have spent no less than 98 days (maybe a "slight" exaggeration) in doctors offices or hospitals.  When you're married to a man with Multiple Sclerosis, you become used to the unexpected.

A couple months ago, we went to Dallas for Chuck's routine dermatology appointment and left 5 days later after a stay in the hospital for congestive heart failure.   The fact we live 2 hours away; brought no extra clothes, no laptop, no cell chargers and my husband has not yet learned what the big red letters that say "NURSE" on the hospital bed remote control means, I was parked in a hospital room staring out a window with a view of a wall for 5 days.  But crazy as it sounds, these no laptop, cell chargers or views times have been some of the best times we've spent together.  No "pings" from the cell....no "ding dongs" from emails.....

We plan on taking our next vacation to St. Paul Hospital in the Fall.

Hospital stay behind us, we could now concentrate on the skin cancer growing on the top of his head.  So, a few weeks ago, he had a Mose Surgery to remove the basil cell growing in place of hair on his head.  One of the benefits of being bald, I guess.  And being that I'm the "Skin Cancer Queen" and had numerous Mose surgeries myself, I kept telling him it was no big deal...you won't even see where they cut.  Chuck was convinced he was having "brain surgery".  Turns out, they left a HOLE in my hubby's head the size of a quarter.....actually, the size of a cork.  I "think" I could actually see his brain when he would take the cork out.  I would beg him to put it back in......

So his son, Troy, provided him with an alternative to the cork by buying him a hat with hair.....which I LOVE!  And because I keep telling him how "HOT" he looks with his new "Hair Hat", he wears it everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  While at the eye doctor last week, she had to ask him to "Please remove his hair" before she could test his eyes. 

Life is always interesting with this wonderful man.......he rarely complains.....he wears a hat with hair on it cause I love it......and he whispers, ever so quietly, sweet things in my ear first thing in the morning "Liz....Liz.....what's the password to my computer?"