Sunday, December 13, 2015

Merry Christmas from The Etheridges

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December 13, 2015

Water has been the main theme for the Etheridges these two-weeks-before-Christmas.  Floods of tears have been shed over losing our little man, Murphy this week.  And now, the flood waters from the lake are inching towards our back door from the heavy rains over the past 12 hours.

Peace on Earth.

And there is a peace within us right now as we have much to be grateful for....even in the midst of crisis and heartache.  And that's why we wanted to do a video Christmas card to YOU.....our family....our friends....who have journeyed with us throughout this year 2015.  Through the ups and the downs.....through new life...and yes, even death.

May you find the wonderful Peace of God living within your heart...and may you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas season.

Much love and gratefulness...
Chuck and Liz