Sunday, November 20, 2016

When 109 becomes 1 Again

I woke to the sound of rain and thunder this morning...first "real" rain since late Spring.  I prepared my coffee and stood on the back porch in the dark for a few minutes......enjoying the coolness of the air and the flashes of light screaming across the sky.

It was almost like the skies had something important to say about this day ahead.......

As I look at the new Christmas tree we put up today....a whole 144 hours before Thanksgiving....I see the red cardinals scattered throughout this new tree.....a tree that replaced the old Christmas tree which is now making its home at the bottom of Lake Cypress Springs so fresh crappy will have a place to live next year.  And I can't help but think about my cardinal-loving Mom and a Christmas this year without my 109 year old Meals on Wheels really......who, as of today.....this very day at around 10:45 am.... arrived Home.  She limped to the Finish Line after a very exhausting long run.  She was most assuredly met there by her handsome-Jimmy-Dean-Look-Alike husband Roger.....her Mom and her Dad who thought she hung the moon.....along with her grandpa- the-postman she loved dearly.....and hundreds...if not thousands....of family and friends who loved her from the deepest part of their souls.  What she didn't realize until 10:45 am this morning was that she made a difference.....a huge difference....on a lot of lives. 

She made a difference in my life.

In all the years I knew Jewell (June) Clay; in all the times she was asked how she was feeling or if she hurt anywhere.....her answer never changed: "I'm fine....I don't hurt at all.  I'm happy right where I am".  109 years old.....weeks away from being 110....and she was fine right where she was.

Three weeks ago, I was visiting her in her home and felt led to turn on my phone recorder...something I'd done many times before.  I asked her one question, "Would you want to be 16 again?"  She tilted her head as if to think about that for a moment and said, "I'm satisfied right where I am".

I would venture to say Jewel knew she was close to the Finish Line....that she could see it ahead was in-sight.  She might have even heard Roger encouraging her on....."Just a little further,'re almost there....I'm waiting for you." 

Thank you Jewell....for slowing down and walking with me awhile on this earth.  
I am a better person from knowing you.  

Now go.....RUN to the party that is waiting for you.....your birthday number just started over......

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Pappo Day

June 19, 2016

MY FAITH Comes From My Pappo

I received an early birthday present from my seriously cool granddaughters and their parents last weekend.  There were a couple brass bracelets, among other things, with one engraved, "My Faith is Bigger Than My Fears".  After the 6 months we've had, these are powerful words engraved in my soul.

See, it's because of my Dad (Pappo) that each of us kids have the Faith we have.  It was his dedication and determination that we be raised in church and taught about a God that loves us...unconditionally....even during those hard times.  Yes.....those times when Fear tries to take over and shove Faith right out of the way.   But if our Faith is Bigger than our Fears, then Faith WINS....every time!

Thanks, Pappo, for instilling Faith into each of your three kiddo' saved our lives.