Thursday, September 9, 2010

DAY 72: Winner of "What is Wrong With This Picture".......

DAY 72:  Arches National Park - Moab, Utah - September 9, 2010

Well...well....well.....we had quite a nice response to yesterday's picture question........and the WINNER is:   (scroll down......drum roll, please........)


Wow, this sweet newlywed chick must have eyes like an eagle and very, very quick fingers......cause she was the winner of "What is Wrong With This Picture" contest.  Whooo Hooo.....Way to go, Sharon!!!! And thanks to everyone for responding......LIZ LOVES COMMENTS!

Now, many of you figured out the boo-boo in the photograph....and no, it wasn't Chuck.  I put him in the picture to throw you off, but I did love some of your responses, which I will be sharing below.   So, I might as well tell ya what happened:
It started out as a wonderful day.....beautiful weather driving to Moab and even more awesome scenery.  Nothing had broken down on anything all day and life was good.  UNTIL......we pulled into our Moab RV Park.  As I rounded the corner and saw the spot they had given us, I noticed two things.... and both were on each side of the driveway we needed to pull into.  

Now, I pride myself in having parked in some pretty bizarre tight spots over the lifespan of my RV driving history (all 30 months).....I've parked between a caboose and a 5th wheel once with barely room to pull our slides out; I've backed into spots that looked totally impossible to pull straight into much less back, I wasn't too worried about these two big cottonwood trees flanking our driveway.
We had dropped the trailer for the motorcycle in an overflow lot by the office and Chuck was on the motorcycle behind me.  
Normally he would be in the passenger seat helping me know, space-wise, how much room I had on his side.....but I was having to do this one solo.  I swung wide (obviously, you'll find out, not wide enough...), and "bumped" the tree on the passenger side with the mirror......and WHAM....just like someone flicked it with their finger, I no longer had a passenger side mirror.....  AGHHHHHHHH......I just sat there in shock.......I believe my head was laying on the steering wheel when Chuck opened the door and said, "Uh....there's a tree over here"......I wanted to throw up....

I was so proud of Chuck.......he kept his warped sense of humor throughout the whole ordeal.....and made me feel so much better about my little hiccup.  This was HUGE to me......I had driven almost 15,000 miles in this motorhome without an incident (well........unless you count that torn awning thing right after we got the motorhome, but we don't need to count that...) and had I just taken it a little slower, been a little more careful.....just...just....just...

Anyway, about 1/2 of the RV park came by to inspect the mirror hanging from the side of our RV and the girl who knocked it off......but was a new day!  We were able to find a dude here in this small town that helped us order a replacement mirror arm from Monaco and they are overnighting it and we should be fixed up tomorrow.   Thank goodness!  I can't tell you how much I NEED a side mirror......that would mean Chuck couldn't take a nap AT ALL the rest of the trip home cause his head would be out the window the entire time checking traffic and stuff.......

But I did get some pretty good comments from some of you that I would like to share with everyone (I will not mention names to protect YOU!)......
"Nothing wrong with the picture other than a part of the door is sticking out of poor Chuck's head.  He does seem to be happy about it!"

"Let me guess:  you got too close to a canyon wall in a tight turn??"

"What in the world happened??  Your mirror is in the wrong place...I'm sure you have a good reason for that.."

"Are the suspenders on backward"

"Oops, a crooked mirror, so what did you hit?  Hopefully, not a deer or another RV and it looks like Chuck's head is ok."

"There is an unusual sheen on the top of his head?  Maybe its coming from the broken mirror?"

"Ok, what happened to Chuck's left ear?  Looks like you already have him a fake one (if I'm right, don't you dare blog about me..."

"I don't see anything wrong with this picture.  Chuck is sitting by the RV wearing suspenders, smiling, nice beard and a shining head; what more do you tell me what's wrong with it.."

"I saw that smile and knew that had to be it.  No hat and a big grin."

"Either the dent in the door or no cap."

"Chuck doesn't have his hat on and Murphy is not in the picture with him...."

"Is that a ding in the door of the RV?"

But my very favorite response came from my long-time friend Kim Gertz:

"Chuck obviously needed the mirror lower so he broke it off the side of the RV....either that or you drove away without him and all he could do was hang on for dear life to the first thing he could grab and that happened to be the mirror?" (Thanks Kim!!)

And BTW (by the way); there is NO dent in the door.....YET!


Ant Ellie said...

Dear Liz, you are right, the comments are pretty good...what a variety.
that many miles, that big a rig, and only one minor mishap....piece of cake!
take care and be safe.
ant ellie

Stu said...

I love Chuck’s reaction and yours. Oh well you have to bend a few to become a true blue pro RV pilot. It was wonderful to share your trip and really made my days sometimes on those deep dark days I have. Thank you so much.
All my best to you both,