Saturday, September 18, 2010

DAY 80: Whats A Little Bear Dung With That Dirt Road???

DAY 80:  Durango, Colorado - September 17, 2010

It was beautiful here today!!  We grabbed our new friend, Chuck, and headed for the hills on the trikes.....unfortunately, halfway up that mountain, the road went to dirt.  Now, my Chuck freaks out a bit (I believe I, at one point, referred to him as acting like an old lady) by the mere thought of "placing" his beloved trike on anything other than asphalt, but Chuck #2 and I were a little more game.  Dirt road?  No problem........after all, what good are these trikes if not to explore unexplored territory??  Right??? Good ....I'm glad to see you agree with me.

Anyway, we headed out a little after noon today and took a back road (thanks David for the tip on where to get maps showing back roads!!!) and explored to our hearts content.  We saw a beautiful waterfall, a big black bear turd and met a nice dude from Houston hanging out in the middle of nowhere down this deserted road.  We then headed back into Durango for dinner with friends Jim and Chuck.

Chuck #2 is headed out tomorrow for California and then on to Vegas while we will be heading out on Sunday for Pagosa Springs; a mere 56 miles down the road.  Jim's not sure where or when he's leaving Durango, but we think we have him talked into going to Manitou Springs next.  So Chris and Margie; be on the lookout for Jim heading your direction and take good care of him......he's a pretty good guy!!
Bear Dung
Dinner with the guys.....


Ant Ellie said...

That waterfall and the shade of the trees and steep mountain sides...postcard perfect.
and with good friends are truly blessed. Have a good time, I love you both lots and lots.
ant ellie

Anonymous said...

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