Thursday, September 23, 2010

DAY 86: Three More Days Left In Our Shoebox On Wheels.....

DAY 86:  Somewhere in Oklahoma - September 23, 2010

I want to first start off by apologizing to my Oklahoma friends for the above.........I couldn't help myself..... this is just FUNNY!

And driving through Oklahoma today felt like driving through Kansas......which I swore I'd never do again.  Chuck and I made an agreement years ago to drive "around" Kansas in the future....can you say W-I-N-D-Y......but back to Oklahoma.....we must have been battling 30-40 mph winds.......all straight in our face!  Our little coach was just chugging along; its gas gauge like a clock whose hands were going backwards......quickly.

But we made it to the State Park we are meeting my sister and her hubby at tomorrow safe and sound....although, I must admit, I think the Chuck and Liz 24/7 togetherness for 3 months is growing weary......If he sneezes, I'm on him like a wart hog.........if I put my shoe on, he's growling at me about its probably a good thing we are headed home on Sunday.  It's time to take a break from our "Shoe Box On Wheels" for awhile........before we kill each other!

Anyway, back to today..... We had told Debbie and Brady we would reserve them a spot next to us at the campground.  Unfortunately, its not enough to just "reserve" and "pay" for the spot; you have to have some type of "residence" on the spot.  The little camp host seemed perplexed that we didn't have some type of tent in our motorhome to put on their spot...... Why would we have a tent with us??  We have this beast of a motorhome......this is as close to camping as Liz gets.  Long story short, she loaned us a little pup tent of hers to put on their site.  

This might be a good time to remind you about the 30-40 mph winds.....nothings going to hold that tent down in winds like that.  But the REAL truth was,  Chuck and I have never put a tent up, pup or otherwise, together and today was definitely not the best day for us to start (refer back to Paragraph 3 above).  So, we just put her tent IN its bag in Debbie and Brady's reserved spot........ THERE........the site has a tent.

Happy Now??????



Barry said...

Positive attitude is deminshing. :-)
Barry Crow

Stu said...

I am going to steal your Oklahoma picture lots of battling going on with shootout on the 2nd.

Lulu said...

HOME ALSO..I'm not yelling just didnt notice it was in caps lock... b safe.."

Ann said...

OK … that one made me laugh out loud.

Ann Holland

Stu said...

If you guys are coming through Dallas I would love to buy you lunch or dinner.