Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Been a P.M.S. Blue Funk Christmas.......

Home Sweet Home - December 27, 2010

I have been in a blue funk lately.......I'm pretty sure it was lack-of-estrogen enduced......not sure though....

I practically killed Chuck on Saturday......B-A-D mood doesn't even begin to describe the evil, weepy person I was...and on Christmas Day at that!  Now, I want you all to know how much courage it took for me to tell you this......I'd much rather tell you about things Chuck does wrong......

But I'm better now cause Chuck "ever-so-gently" encouraged me to cut my estrogen pill in half.......seems to be working.....fingers crossed......ahhhhh

But enough about me......I'd like to show you what I stumbled on the other day while driving from Paris (Texas, of course!) to Dallas......on a sleepy country road, I topped a hill and this is what I saw.  After slamming on the brakes and swerving off the road while grabbing the camera, I captured this amazing photo.

It actually didn't have the ravishing sunset behind it when I ran up on it......I've been playing with my brand smackin' new Photoshop software and created the sunset......but how cool is this house??

And my reason for being in Paris?  To see my old friend, Mr. Bill.......one of my ex-Meals on Wheels clients who moved to Paris this year to be closer to family.....Isn't he adorable???!!


Cynthia said...

Hi Liz,
A funk Christmas is not the word.. try losing a FRONT TOOTH... that will clip your feathers ....:(
and I do mean clip.. I have been home bound since Thursday before Christmas.. all the people I
have seen is my kids on Sunday.. I started to Cancel Christmas but decided that would not be fair
to them.. so they all told me not to worry..One of my Granduaghters said, Mawmaw, you are still as
beautiful as ever even without a Front Tooth.. I almost cried.. but now I'm too the weapy stage.. I did
stay busy yesterday taking down all the Christmas Decorations and Ken put everything away for me.
So today I will just rest and try and keep my sanity.. there will not be a Dentist in ANY OFFICE until
after the 1st which will come on the 4th of Dec.. hopefully then I can get into some place and get this
taken care of..
I hope you are feeling better.. and remember you are NOT the first WOMAN to go thru this.. WE ALL
have been there and it's NO FUN BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THAT.. Tell Chuck Ken and I Wish YOU
Love ya girlfriend,

Doylene said...

Sounds you are nicer to Bill than Chuck.
Should be P S M S punish some men severely.

Arlen said...

Good girl!


Liz Etheridge said...

You guys crack me up.....I can definitely tell which email reply was written by Arlen and which was written by Doylene!! But Arlen, you did bring up a good point about me being nicer to Mr. Bill than Chuck.....could it be that Mr. Bill deserved my "good mood" vs Chuck deserved my "estrogen-induced" killer attitude??? Hummmmm.......just sayinggggggggg......


Glenda said...

OMGOSH!!!!! We could turn that into the MOST fabulous B&B!!!!!!! We could do sooo many things with a house like that!!!!

And Mr. Bill is adorable!!!!

Love ya bunches,

Israel said...

That was sweet Liz.....Happy New Year!!!


Nyla said...

Looks like a sweetheart. Nice of you to take the time to visit him! Buy then I'm not surprised knowing you. See you in the a.m.

Jacquetta said...

The picture is wonderful - such a beautiful building - do you think it was a school, home for orphans, adults??? The man looks so nice - aren't you lucky to have known him. Happy New Year. love, Jacquetta

Sherrie said...

Cute story.

I got an estrogen patch a week ago. Feel better already. So much to tell you. When can we have lunch.

New studies show estrogen excite the cells and even help you recover from cardiac events. They are going to start testing it on people having cardiac arrest and heart attacks. Both men and women.

How you liking my blog, you blog mentor you.

Ant Ellie said...

Some friends you make are enduring ....lifelong.....unlimited by distance....all
the charming qualities you need to be happy and whole.

Cutting the pill in half may be a good idea....if not, just bump it back up there and consider an extra dose of chocolate! works for me every time. will be sending you a note regarding Christmas...for back last night and catching up on emails today. Your blog was first on the list! I love you both. stay warm.
ant ellie