Monday, May 24, 2010

Storm Clouds....White Powdered Donuts....& Chocolate Milk

Monday, May 24, 2010

Isn't this an incredible picture??  This was last Thursday just as a huge storm was moving into our area......

The sky turned black, thunder rolled in the background, tornado sirens were blaring in the distance................and Chuck realized he was out of white powdered donuts and chocolate milk!  As you can see in the picture, we are in the car heading to the grocery store right into the eye of the storm cause, boy-howdy, we can't be out of white powdered donuts and chocolate milk........tornado or no tornado!!  .


When Chuck and I first started dating 15 years ago, I only remember one piece of advice that his buddies gave me......."No matter how much he insists; and no matter how much he begs, DO NOT let him eat white powdered donuts and drink chocolate milk together."  At that point, they would look at each other, shake their heads and one could see on their faces that this was life altering.  I didn't quite understand "why" at the time, but it didn't take long before I caught him eating this lethal combination.......alone, in private, with a very guilty white powdered mustache-face when caught.  And then it happened..........I won't go into detail, but trust me; there was an "explosion".

I then knew exactly what his buddies Wayne, Eddie, Doug and Robert were talking about.  This WAS life altering

Over time, the explosions have become less as his body has become immune to the effects of white powdered donuts and chocolate milk.......and his hunger and thirst for this lethal combination has never waned.   But just as he insists his first marriage ended because she canceled the TV cable, you won't find this chick taking away his white powdered donuts and chocolate sir.....we will always have powdered donuts and chocolate milk in this house; no matter what!!

Before the "Chuck Fan Club" sends me hate mail for this Blog,
it has been approved by the Man.


David said...

White powdered donuts and milk are in the essential food group. I 'used' to eat an entire box and a quart of milk at a time.....but that was back when men were men.

Lois said...

Great picture. Where did you get the one that lookes like an atomic bomb? Didn't Chuck know that you both were suppose to be in the bathtub with pillows over your head. When I watched where this was going on the wether channel, we figured it was out your way. Take Care, Lois

Unknown said...

Hi Liz, thanks for thinking of us. We talk of you two often. Our life is about the same since retirement, we are babysitting our granddaughter Gabby five days a week so we don't get out much, she is 17 months old.

Liked the pictures of your storms, scary though. Yvonne Creecy

bonnie and Dick said...

Liz---that is a VERY ominous looking storm cloud!!!!! It would have to be a very huge emergency to get me out in the car. Now, that’s true love if I every heard of it!!!! His weird eating habit reminds me of Dick eating peanut butter on his hamburgers, ketchup on his bacon, mustard on sausage at breakfast, etc. Of course, I’ve always just blamed this on him being a Yankee.
Love, Bonnie

Ant Ellie said...

Some things just have priority in life...I have mine, Chuck has his and I'm sure you have yours. We know better than mess with another persons'
priorities. I am trying to figure out what ingredients cause such a reaction....will need to consult my nutrition books. In any case enjoy what you can every chance you get! I love it when you allude to hate mail and had prior approval for publication. Ha.
Love to you both, ant ellie