Monday, August 29, 2011

DAY 57: "A Namby-Pamby, Sissy Road...."

DAY 57:  "OMG Road", Central City, CO
TEMP:  High 73 / Low 55

Today started out as the day Chuck has been dreading for awhile was 
"Color Liz's Hair" Day.......

My hairdresser, Frosty, (yes, that is her real name) would be so proud of him.  A couple weeks ago, he attempted to highlight my hair, but it didn't turn out so good.....He missed some "key" spots on the top of my head which caused me to wear a lot of hats.....until today!  Today, with Murphy and Molly by his side watching, he got an A+ and I no longer have any large gray spots sticking out.  Win-Win!!!!

After successfully checking "Color Liz's Hair" off the list, we headed to Idaho Springs to pick up a couple items at the grocery store.  Somehow, I convinced Chuck to let us take a back road.....a "dirt" road......a road that makes him cringe to take his beloved trike down......This road is called the "Oh My Goodness" Road because its suppose to make you say that while taking the hairpin guardrail-less curves and steep dropoffs.  Well, whoever named it that was just a sissy......a namby-pamby...a mama's boy.....

There was nothing daring, scary or dangerous about this road whatsoever........W-I-M-P.

However, there was an old hippy nudist colony....actually, just remnants of the colony....which consisted of two old hippies, my age, with their clothes on.

And some very interesting scenery.......

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Kathy said...

You are a very brave woman!