Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DAY 2: Awwww......Is That A "Cool" Breeze I Feel???

July 5, 2011 - Manitou Springs, CO
TEMP:  80 Degrees (They're having a "Heat Wave")

Manitou Springs, CO

All this time I have been telling Chuck we HAD to be in Manitou Springs, Colorado by Tuesday evening...we had reservations at the RV campground and we needed to BUCK-UP and PRESS-ON and drive two long full days to get there.  So, at the butt-crack of dawn this morning, we were up and moving out of Amarillo......which was A-ok with me......afterall, we were going to our favorite place; MANITOU SPRINGS, CO!!!
Straight, Flat Open Road......

We were having a great drive.....nice, straight, flat roads for 250 miles where you could see the road stretch out for miles ahead of you......We were at about the halfway point in Raton, NM when Chuck got the itch for a nice cup of coffee.   This is one of the good points of traveling in an RV.....he can just go to the kitchen and fix himself a cup of coffee.
Raton Pass

But I remember thinking what an odd time it was for him to do this cause we were just approaching the Raton Pass......This is where the road goes from flat and straight to uphill, downhill and anything but straight.  But he had an itch that needed scratching, so off to the kitchen he went.  Up Raton Pass I went......and then down Raton Pass.....and I think it was in the second curve when I heard the crash in the back....and then a few choice words......and then some grumbling.....and then a few more choice words.  It seems the coffee actually made it through the curve okay; it was the sugar that didn't fair as well.  Glass and sugar everywhere and one very upset Chuck.

A few hours later, we finally pulled into Pikes Peak RV Park in Manitou Springs and were greeted by our friends, Chris and Margie, who run the park here.  It was shortly after all the hugs were exchanged that I learned we were a day EARLY.  Yep, all that BUCKING-UP.....all that PRESSING-ON......and we are a day early.  This sweet couple repositioned and rejiggered other campers so we weren't sleeping on the Wal-Mart parking lot tonight.  I can't explain the brain-fart I had on this one, other than.....I just couldn't wait to get here!
Killer Park-Job

Check out the spot they squeezed us into and the killer park-job I did squeezing this 40' of solid metal right smack between two picnic tables, a 5th wheel and a motorhome.  Tomorrow I get to do it all over again.....we get to move to our "real" spot cause "someone" was a DAY EARLY.......


Ant Ellie said...

Tell me there is cool fresh air there! It doesn't get cooler than 80 degrees here all night long! I bet the
humidity is low too......and very few bugs! No wonder you were anxious to get there!
But tell me.....why is that multistory house up in the top of the trees? is it a tree house?
Have fun and stay safe.
Love to you both, ant ellie

Judy Boyles said...

Wonderful! Send some of that cool air our way, pleeeeeese.


Margaret said...

Ah! Raton Pass--so many memories! There's this just wonderful Mexican food place to eat there off the beaten path where all the locals go. Daddy found it one year when he was having a fit about some terrible tamales they were serving at this other place. Anyway, think it's called "Mi Cucina" (my kitchen in Spanish--if I remember right) When we first started going there--the ceilings were just bolts of different colored materials strung over wires. Precious--and great good. New Mexico "Mexican Food" is way different than our Tex-Mex! Then there was the time when our kids were way little--had stopped on the side of the road for "a cup of coffee"--we had Ces's parent's head-over a truck camper thing. Britt was about 3--got himself locked in the closet that we had turned into the "potty"--yelling at him how to un-lock the door. One of our family's favorite sayings, "My can't, my locked in jail"! Ces had to take the door off the hinges to retrieve him. We always went to Creede in those days--had friends that had a dude ranch there. Now in Beaver CK--which is way fancy--not our camping days--we found a great Italian place to eat down below BC in the little town at the bottom of the hill, "Ta Amo's"--another local find. Sooooo good! Chuck's sugar "clean-up" reminds me of the time when we were with Mother and Daddy (in two campers) in Olympia, WA--they were ahead of us--and when we got there--Mother was busy sweeping out the camper--the icebox door had come open--and milk was knee-deep! Happy Camping! Remind me to tell you a "Mother and Daddy" tale about camping at Gulpha Gorge in Hot Springs--that's a longer story--and well worth the wait. Stay cool and be safe--hugs, MJ

Lois said...

Wow you are some great driver. If you ever want to go to work, I suggest you drive an 18 wheeler, I hear they pay well!! LOL Love getting you travel blogs!!

Israel said...

Yeah, you'r here....where?


Doylene & Arlen said...

How long will you be in Manitou Springs?
We are in Salida—107 miles away.
We might try to come up some day for lunch.
Doylene & Arlen

Nyla said...

Hopefully tomorrow will be better! Had a great bible study today. I think you will enjoy Jacks class. He gives us a handout every week - no class next week - and he saved some copies for those of you that missed it.

Enjoy!!! Miss you. Nyla

Jackie said...

So glad I can follow you on the is so terrific....I look forward to your adventures....