Sunday, April 12, 2015

Today Is A Holiday.....

Today is a National holiday in our household.  
It's....'s April 12...and its National Grilled Cheese Day. (I capitalize Grilled Cheese cause....well, it's just THAT important.)

If you know ANYTHING at all about me, you know I am a Grilled-Cheese-A-Holic.  Always have been....suspect I always will be.

No chicken enchilada's for me at the local mexican food restaurant....nope...I'm ordering off the kiddy menu my Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  Every-Single-Time.

Pancakes and hashbrowns at Ihop?  Nope.  A buttery Grilled Cheese Sandwich between white bread with cheese oozing out the sides is what I get.

When I was in high school, I lived in a dorm my Jr. and Sr. year.  We weren't allowed to have any cooking apparatuses, but we were allowed to have an iron.  I cooked my Grilled Cheese Sandwich on the bottom of my iron.

So a little support for that comfort food that has made everything right in your world by celebrating this important day today by eating that Grilled Cheese Sandwich you know you want.....and don't forget to sprinkle a little pickle juice over the top of the bread before eating.

 You'll thank me later.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

No Eggs, No New Dress, No Bunnies....Just GRACE


Jesus said to his disciples - -
"Let's go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile"
Mark 6:31

I am writing this from a quiet place today.....a place in the center of Alabama called know, like the flower.....and its quiet.....except the running water of Blue Creek nearby...the very creek my Grandmother and Grandfather owned and panned for gold in when I was a kid.   I hear the leaves crunching from a nearby deer.....and I am alone here with the memories of my childhood....this place I hated desperately as a child.

Hated it because I was a city girl stuck in a place of outhouses, grasshoppers, dirt and QUIET.  I liked the noise of the city.  The noise kept me from thinking about my lack of self-confidence, insecurities and fears.

But standing here now....almost fifty years later, in that very same spot of quiet, somehow its all different...yet the same.  Now the quiet soothes me....I don't mind remembering those insecurities and fears as I can look back on the road I've traveled and see clearly why God chose that road for me to walk down.  How those very same insecurities became the tool that helped me grow and led me straight to Him.

And I see off in the distance my brother and my sister.....the ones who threw crickets on me and made me cry....who I now love with a love that only someone who has walked a long dirty road together can love.....and somehow this place that I hated becomes a wonderful memory.

I loved that one of the last things Jesus wanted to do with his disciples was to "Go off by ourselves to a quiet place..." cause isn't that what true friends do?

As we walk the woods, Uncle Kenny
talks about how the tops of the trees are called the "crown" and reminds us that the pine trees die if they can't reach the sun......yes....THAT Son....they die.  They have to be thinned allow ROOM for the Son to reach their entire soul....the core of their being.

They DIE without the SON. 

And its not until we "Go off by ourselves with God to a quiet place" that we feel the Son beaming down into our cores....and adding nourishment that can only come from the Son.  By uncluttering our lives of thinning out our lives of things that don't include or matter to God....we are leaving room for the Son to heal grow strengthen us.