Sunday, August 29, 2010

DAY 61: The Case of the Missing Pillow.......

DAY 61 - Ashton, Idaho - August 29, 2010

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Remember back....WAAAAY back when we first started this 3-month journey and I told you one of my goals was searching out Goodwill stores everywhere we went?  Well, another one of my goals was to pick up something for my sweet sister, Debbie, at each of the Goodwill stores I came, I've been doing just that!
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One of the items I found her was a cute little pillow with a sweet saying on it that seemed to say "perfectly" words from my heart to hers. forward to last Thursday when Chuck and I headed to the Grand Tetons for the day.  We hadn't been on the road long when a car decided to pass us on a lonely two lane she passed, she slowed, rolled her passenger window down, and pointed behind us........we thanked her and she proceeded on.  As I quizzed Chuck through the helmet intercom about what she was referring to, he sheepishly said he "might" have lost the pillow he had been sitting on to help his sciatic nerve.  I said, "Not my sister's pillow???!!" and he uncomfortably said, "Yep".
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See, Chuck has hip/sciatic nerve problems when he rides too long and he has found that a pillow under his hip helps keep that from happening.  Although I "knew" he had used her pillow on several occasions for this, we had planned on replumping it and making it good as new when I gave it to her upon our return home without her being any the wiser.

He said he had leaned forward to reposition himself and his butt pillow "might" have flown off......UGH......So, I made a quick u-turn and headed back to where we had just come from.  We drove and drove and drove.....probably about 5 miles, before seeing the pillow laying on the side of the road.....when, before we could get turned around, another car came along and blew it into the ditch.......
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Pillow safely recovered.......fortunately (for Chuck) without any car tracks on it...........AND while I was recovering the pillow from the ditch, I got a great picture of the wheat field it landed next to....

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Sorry Sis.......I loooovvvveee YOU!!!


Ant Ellie said...

What a neat story.....if only that pillow could talk and tell it's story. I can't make out the author but it looks like barbed wire running along to the
signature/author. I put it in my address book for safe use someday..maybe making a pillow too. thanks for such a sweet blog; Debbie is very lucky. The wheat fields remind me of my grandma's farm, we used to get into the trailer where the harvester threw out the wheat and our job was to see that it spred out evenly and didn't pile up
in one corner. We would be dusty and crusty but we enjoyed it too.
Lots of love to you both,
ant ellie

jacquetta said...

Love the saying on the pillow. Idaho is a beautiful state.

Travis said...

You are so right. great message. jjp

Marlene said...

Life without Chuck would be very boring! lol
You guys are a hoot!